Rouyu releases the third-generation full-flex screen FlexPai 2 mobile phone

With the change of users' mobile phone usage habits, folding screen mobile phones have now become a new development direction, and sales of folding screen mobile phones are gradually increasing. For folding screen mobile phones, flexible screens are the key to technology. Good flexible screens can not only bring better display effects, but also enhance the use experience of folding screen mobile phones.

Today, Rouyu Technology has released the third generation of Cicada's full flexible screen. The new generation of full flexible screen still achieves the thinnest thickness in the industry, and is targeted at creases, slips, and display failures in folding applications The problem has been optimized, the reliability and display effects have been fully upgraded, and the industry has reached the forefront in terms of experience.

According to the data tested by Rouyu Technology, the third-generation Cicada ’s full flexible screen can complete more than 200,000 bending reliability tests with a minimum bending radius of 1mm. In addition to the screen, Rouyu Technology has also performed reliability tests on the hinge and folding machine, improving the use experience of the third-generation Cicada ’s full flexible screen from the application scene.

The third-generation Cicada ’s fully flexible screen is equipped with a new-generation smart display driver chip and circuit design that is newly designed by Rouyu Technology. The brightness is 50% higher than the previous generation screen, which brings better screen display effects. In addition, it has reached the industry-leading level in terms of contrast, color gamut, and response speed.

Compared with the traditional OLED screens on the market, the third-generation Cicada ’s full-flexible screen has a JNCD (Just Noticeable Color Difference) reduction of 0.6 at a 30 ° viewing angle, and a 1.5 times superior brightness attenuation, all reaching industry-leading levels. In the form, they can have amazing picture performance.

At present, Rouyu Technology, with its self-developed intelligent mechanical simulation model, has the ability to quickly calculate and determine the impact of different flexible materials, stacking structures, and bonding processes on the performance of full flexible screens. Flexible materials and stacked structures provide highly customized production capabilities. Therefore, Rouyu Technology can apply full flexible screens to more industries and products, such as backpacks, aircraft cabins, and so on.

The third generation of Cicada ’s full flexible screen has now entered the mass production stage and will also be used in the new generation of FlexPai 2 folding mobile phones in the future.

At the conference site, Dr. Liu Zihong, Chairman and CEO of Rouyu Technology, also showed the FlexPai 2 foldable mobile phone with the third generation of Cicada ’s full flexible screen.

The screen size of the FlexPai 2 foldable mobile phone has reached 7.8 inches after deployment, and the 4: 3 screen ratio also has a better application experience. The FlexPai 2 folding mobile phone re-optimized the hinge design, and created a fully closed linear hinge. Its internal core components are made of aviation-grade materials, which is more stable and reliable. It can be parked at any angle of 0-180 °, and the folding angle can be adjusted freely. .

In terms of performance, the FlexPai 2 foldable phone uses the Snapdragon 865 mobile platform, which supports dual-mode 5G networks and nine 5G frequency bands. It can experience 5G networks in China, North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other regions. In addition, the phone is also equipped with LDPPR5 memory and UFS3.0 flash memory, providing a stronger performance guarantee.

At the press conference, Rouyu Technology also announced that it has reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation with ZTE. It will combine Rouyu's full flexible display and full flexible sensors and other supporting solutions with ZTE's 5G technology to jointly explore and develop folding screens. This new mobile phone category.

With the opening of the strategic cooperation between Rouyu and ZTE, Rouyu's "flexible +" strategic territory has been expanded again. It is reported that in addition to smart mobile devices, Rouyu has been actively committed to applying flexible display technology in intelligent transportation, entertainment media, smart home, sports fashion, office education and other industries to bring innovative human-machine interactive product experiences to users. .