Rouyu Technology releases third-generation flexible screen and showcases new folding phone FlexPai 2

On March 25, 2020, the global flexible electronics industry leader Rouyu Technology held the "2020 Rouyu Technology Conference and Strategic Partner Signing Ceremony". The theme of this conference is "Folding the Future with Flexible Horizons" and opening it to global media, partners and users in the form of online publishing.

At the meeting, Dr. Liu Zihong, Chairman and CEO of Rouyu Technology, showed the newly upgraded Rouyu third-generation full-flex screen, and announced a strategic cooperation with ZTE, and provided ZTE with flexible display technology solutions. The cooperation has promoted the rapid popularization and application of fully flexible screens in the 5G era in smart terminals and other fields.

The third generation of Cicada's full flexible screen is officially released

Rouyu Technology entered the market with a unique screen and sensing technology route. The third-generation Cicada ’s full flexible screen announced this time is the thinnest in the world. This screen is aimed at the current flexible screen terminals. The main problems such as display failure after sliding, bending, etc. have been improved. Comprehensive technical upgrades have been made in the areas of reliability and display performance. A number of core indicators have reached the industry's best level.

Official data shows that the third-generation Cicada ’s full-flexible screen can withstand more than 200,000 bends, with a minimum bend radius of 1 mm, a 1.5 times higher brightness and a 5 times higher contrast than the second-generation products. Moreover, extremely strict reliability tests are also performed on the hinge and the folding machine to provide the best use guarantee.

In terms of display performance, Rouyu independently defined a new generation of intelligent display driving chip and circuit design for the new display form of the fully flexible screen. Compared with the second generation, the brightness of the third-generation Cicada ’s full flexible screen was increased by 50%. Compared with the traditional OLED screens on the market, the third-generation Cicada ’s full-flexible screen has a JNCD (Just Noticeable Color Difference) reduction of 0.6 at a 30 ° viewing angle, and a 1.5 times superior brightness attenuation, all reaching industry-leading levels. In the form, it can provide excellent picture performance. At present, the third generation of Cicada's full flexible screen has entered the mass production stage.

Rouyu joins hands with ZTE to explore the new experience of full flexible screen smart terminals in the 5G era

At this conference, Rouyu announced that it has reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation with ZTE Corporation, which will fully use Rouyu's proprietary proprietary full-flex display, full-flex sensors and supporting solutions, ZTE's 5G technology leadership, and smart terminal product development technology. For integration.

ZTE is the world's leading provider of end-to-end 5G mobile communication solutions. Its 5G SEP (standard essential patent) ranks among the top three in the world, and it has released a variety of 5G mobile phones at home and abroad. Rouyu and ZTE give play to their respective advantages, making it possible for the terminal market to bring innovative and intelligent 5G terminals with richer forms and better experiences.

Previously, Rouyu has cooperated with more than 500 corporate customers around the world, and has launched many innovative product applications using flexible screens. With the opening of the strategic cooperation between Rouyu and ZTE, Rouyu's "flexible +" strategic territory has been expanded again.

New generation of folding phone FlexPai 2 unveiled

At the end of the conference, Rouyu Technology officially released the second-generation folding mobile phone Roupai 2, which is equipped with a third-generation cicada-wing full flexible screen and uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 856 SoC to support dual-mode 5G. The FlexPai 2 has an approximately 8-inch 4: 3 full-flexible screen, and the visual effect looks thinner than the first-generation product when folded.

In addition, the FlexPai 2 uses an innovative fully-closed linear hinge design, which is exquisite, more wear-resistant, and more resistant to impact. It also supports bending and parking at any angle of 0-180 °. After the screen is folded, the hinge is completely seamless. . In terms of performance, FlexPai 2 also has a flagship configuration, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 flagship platform, supports 5G dual mode and 9 frequency bands, and is equipped with LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.0 flash memory used in the latest generation of flagship machines.

Frost & Sullivan, a world-renowned research organization, predicts that the future growth rate of foldable phones will be very rapid. The annual growth rate will reach 200% to 300%. Liu Zihong, chairman of Rouyu Technology, is very optimistic about the market growth potential of foldable phones. He believes that the full flexible display technology breaks the shackles of the traditional screen fixed form, realizes the free and reliable folding and curling in the hands of users, creates a brand-new interaction experience between people and things, and is regarded as the best in the smart IoT scene Human-computer interaction scheme.

At this conference, Rouyu released a new generation of full flexible screen and a new generation of folding screen mobile phones, and also acquired new heavyweight strategic partners. With the continuous development of flexible display technology, I believe that Rouyu Technology will also enter the fast track of development, showing other terminal manufacturers the value of full flexible screens, and allowing more users to experience the new experience brought by flexible displays.