RTX3090 specifications are exposed, the acceleration frequency fails to exceed 2GHz

Recently, a PCB board suspected of being RTX 3090 was exposed online. The PCB board revealed that the RTX 3090 graphics card will use GDDR6X memory and 3*8pin power supply. As the latest generation of NVIDIA graphics cards, the RTX 3090 has naturally received close attention from consumers. Recently, the famous news expert @_rogame has announced more information about RTX 3090.

He said that the basic frequency of RTX 3090 reached 1410MHz, and the acceleration frequency reached 1740MHz. Previous rumors have stated that the acceleration frequency of the RTX 3090 can reach 2GHz. This exposure undoubtedly disappoints many consumers.

And compared with TITAN RTX, although the basic frequency of RTX 3090 is increased by 60MHz, the acceleration frequency is reduced by 30MHz. But if the RTX 3090 really uses 8nm and below process, it’s still fair.

I have to say that compared with previous years, the RTX3090 has done a good job of confidentiality, and there has been no accurate information on the Internet. Fortunately, NVIDIA will hold a press conference on September 1, and all mysteries will be revealed. I believe that Huang’s knife technique will once again bring us “surprise”.