Ryzen 5000G appeared, single-core rivals Intel's flagship U

After several months of waiting, AMD decided to release the Ryzen 5000U/H series this week, which also means that AMD’s Ryzen 5000G series is not far away. As the release time approaches, more and more Related information has also been exposed, including the Ryzen 7 5700G model, but there is no specific specification yet.

Interestingly, in China, users have exposed the running scores of the suspected Ryzen 5000G series processors in advance. Although it is not clear whether it is Ryzen 5700G or 5600G, it has obvious engineering sample characteristics. In addition to the pictures of the engineering samples, this netizen also exposed specific parameters. From the parameters, it can basically be confirmed that it is a new generation of Ryzen 5000G processor.

Judging from the parameters given by CPU-Z, this processor is codenamed Cezanne, interface AM4, process 7nm, 8-core 16 threads, basic frequency 4.4GHz, secondary cache 4MB, tertiary cache 16MB, single-core running score is as high as 613.6 , Basically the same as Intel’s tenth-generation Core flagship processor i9-10900K, which is quite close to the Ryzen 5 5600X score, and the multi-core running score is 6296.2, surpassing the i9-9900KS and Ryzen 7 4750G.

At the same time, the processor’s overclocking results are quite eye-catching. In the test, it achieved a full-core overclocking of 4.7GHz with a voltage of 1.468V, a single-core running score of 647.4, a multi-core running score of 6960, and even approaching the Ryzen 7 5800X score. It can be said to be quite amazing. Although there is no specific time to market, it is enough to make people look forward to.