Ryzen Overclocking Artifact CTR 1.1 Released: 11% Performance

It is not easy to overclock the Ryzen 3000 series with 7nm Zen2 architecture. Although it is supported by the official AMD Ryzen Master tool, it still requires technology and effort to achieve the desired effect.

A few days ago, Yuri "1usmus" Bubliy released ClockTuner for Ryzen (CTR), a dedicated overclocking tool for the Ryzen 3000 series developed by itself. Today, the latest version 1.1 was released with many improvements.

This tool is specifically designed for AMD Zen2 small chip structure, evaluates the physical fitness of each CCX module, and based on a specific algorithm, sets them independently for voltage reduction and overclocking to obtain the best balance and retain all energy-saving technologies (previously Impossible), and ultimately achieve the purpose of increasing the frequency without increasing the power consumption, and the overclocking results of each processor will be completely different, and it supports any brand of motherboard.

CTR 1.1 enhances the support for Ryzen 5 3500X/3500 and Ryzen 3 3100. It can also be used without SMT multi-threading. It introduces a new overclocking engine and rules. First, the voltage will be lowered for inspection before increasing the frequency. In most cases, the blue screen can be avoided when the frequency is increased and the voltage is reduced. The second is the new frequency and voltage control method, which is safer.

In terms of interface design, the new version transfers the configuration management button to a separate page, supports recording two sets of different configurations, and also adds a reset button.

1usmus uses the Ryzen 9 3900XT test by itself, which can reduce the core voltage from 1.283V to 1.25V, and increase the frequency of each CCX module from no more than 4042MHz to 4500MHz. The measured performance of CineBench R20 can be increased by 11%.