SAIC chairman talks about Huawei's cooperation in autonomous driving: I can’t accept it as the soul and I become the body

On June 30, SAIC Group held a general meeting of shareholders, but at the meeting, an extremely embarrassing scene occurred. A shareholder took the stage to speak, because of the long-term downturn in SAIC's stock, he gave SAIC a slap in the face.

Shareholders said that in the four modernizations, SAIC invested heavily and spent 60 billion yuan on the layout. It was supposed to take the lead in new energy and intelligence and get a good harvest, but the reality is very unbearable.

At the same time, the market value is less than 40% and 70% of BYD and Great Wall. Like a curse, they have been lying on the floor for a long time and have fallen below their net assets.

Regarding the issue of SAIC's stock price, Chen Hong, chairman of SAIC, said: Not only SAIC, but also compared with the stock prices of new car manufacturers, there is a certain gap between Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW.

In addition, investors asked that many car companies are currently focusing on the promotion of autonomous driving business, and from the previous media exposure, Huawei has a large first-mover advantage in terms of its autonomous driving algorithm technology and the layout of the lidar industry. Whether SAIC will consider cooperating with third-party companies such as Huawei in terms of autonomous driving.

In response, Chen Hong responded: SAIC cannot accept cooperation with a third-party company such as Huawei for autonomous driving.

This is like another company providing us with an overall solution. In this way, it becomes the soul and SAIC becomes the body. For such a result, SAIC is unacceptable and must take the soul in its own hands.

However, some netizens expressed different views on this kind of remarks. After all, the technical industry has specializations. In the case of ensuring the stability and safety of the supply environment of the nation and the industrial chain , it is more beneficial to cooperate with major technology companies. For the improvement and progress of product performance.

As we all know, batteries are important for electric vehicles, but car companies on the market have not chosen to manufacture batteries themselves, but instead adopt the form of procurement. What do you think of this?