SAIC has been authorized for patents related to autonomous driving! The chairman said he would not use Huawei for autonomous driving

Recently, according to media reports, SAIC Motor Group Co., Ltd. has obtained a patent authorization for the "Rain Test Device for Autonomous Vehicles", the announcement number is CN213580108U, and the application date is December 2020.

The patent abstract shows that this utility model discloses a rain test device for an autonomous vehicle. Since the rain test device is integrally installed on the car body, the rain test device can start the rain test of the autonomous vehicle. Not affected by the driving environment of autonomous vehicles.

Therefore, the rain test device provided by the present application improves the test efficiency of the rainy scene of the autonomous vehicle.

Compared with SAIC’s patent authorization for the “Rain Test Device for Auto-Driving Vehicles”, what is more worthy of discussion is that SAIC’s chairman’s remarks triggered widespread heated debate.

On July 1, SAIC Group held a general meeting of shareholders. Chen Hong, Chairman of SAIC Group, answered dozens of questions raised by shareholders. These include issues related to autonomous driving businesses, the “lack of cores” in the automotive industry, and SAIC’s institutional reforms.

When investors asked about the cooperation between SAIC and Huawei, Baidu and other third parties in autonomous driving, Chen Hong replied: It is difficult for SAIC to accept a single supplier to provide us with an overall solution. This will become "He is the soul and I am the body", which we cannot accept.

Today, according to a report from China Business News, Huawei insiders responded to this: “The Huawei Inside model is currently only three. It is impossible and has no energy to use this model with all car companies.”

Huawei insiders said that Huawei Inside is the joint definition and joint development of cars by Huawei and car companies, and it does not apply to all car companies. Huawei also provides component solutions, and more car companies are adopting this cooperation model.