Sales record strength is amazing, vivo S7 first purchase users said

As a self portrait flagship, vivo s series just released the latest product vivo S7. Before the release, all kinds of news leaked out were paid attention to by people. After the official release, with the extreme self portrait strength and light fuselage, it has won the unanimous praise of consumers. On August 8, vivo S7 was officially launched and received feedback from many users. User evaluation is the most intuitive performance of whether the product is excellent. Let’s take a look at what the first batch of users of vivo S7 said.

Lightweight fuselage, vivo S7 gives people the first impression, 170g fuselage weight and 7.39mm body thickness, which makes many consumers enjoy talking about it. The Ag frosted back cover also improves the grip feeling. In the 5g era of “half a kilogram”, such a lightweight mobile phone can be seen that vivo has paid a lot of attention to the internal design of S7. Monet diffuse color, moonlight white and jazz black make users always find a suitable one Color matching.

As a self timer flagship, vivo S7’s selfie strength has naturally been recognized by everyone. With the front 44 million AF wide-angle dual camera and SLR autofocus PDAF technology, the selfie does not deform or paste. Compared with the traditional front single shot algorithm in the industry, vivo S7 front dual camera can provide more natural and accurate portrait self portrait, highlight the focus characters and enhance the self portrait experience. The upgraded version of quintuple super texture beauty 3.0 and self portrait multi style 3.0 bring more outstanding self portrait beauty effect.

The 64 megapixel f / 1.89 ultra high definition main camera is used for the post three camera, which is combined with three different lenses of super wide angle and level black and white, which can meet the diversified shooting needs of users and bring us closer to the real color performance. The addition of black-and-white lens can improve the light intake, obtain more contour details and richer object texture. Some users said that the newly upgraded “five super texture beauty 3.0” is “comparable to a walking SLR, and the photos are particularly clear”. The newly upgraded “five super texture beauty 3.0” is upgraded at the same time in terms of skin texture, skin color, beauty type and beauty makeup. The S7 also adds a new “small head” function, realizing the overall reduction and adjustment of the head without changing the original proportion of facial features, which improves the user’s self portrait experience.

On August 8, the first sale of vivo S7 was officially launched. As of 20:00 on the first sale day, Xinji has won the double champion in sales and sales of 5g mobile phones in the 2500-3500 price range of Jingdong, tmall and Suning. At present, vivo S7 is still in hot sales. Interested partners can go to the major e-commerce platforms to have a look.