Samsung A-series new machine exposed, will use TFT screen

Recently, foreign media GSMArena exposed a Samsung A series smartphone. This phone is one of Samsung’s lowest-end mobile devices, its model is Galaxy A12, will be used to replace the Galaxy A11 released in May this year. (The picture below is Galaxy A11)

In terms of configuration, GSMArena revealed that this phone will launch two memory versions, 32GB and 64GB, and use a rear three-camera combination. In addition, the Galaxy A12 hopes to retain the PLS TFT touch screen that was used in the previous generation A11.

There is not much information in this exposure, but based on the configuration of other models in this series, it can be inferred that the Galaxy A12 should be a front-mounted design with fingerprint unlocking at the rear, the battery will not be less than 4000mAh, and the running memory is divided into 2GB and 3GB. Versions.

Although this is only the first exposure, it is expected that more information will be revealed soon. As for the price, the previous-generation Galaxy A11 currently starts at US$198 (approximately RMB 1,360), and the price of the A12 should not be much different. Basically, this phone will not be listed in the domestic market, because the domestic market of thousand yuan phone is very competitive, and there are not many models of the Galaxy A series that can occupy a place in the domestic market.