Samsung AMD co-researched processor running score exposure, graphics score surpasses Apple A14

According to the news from Samsung’s news expert @i冰宇宙, Samsung is testing AMD GPUs in the new Exynos, and the Wild Life test score on the 3D Mark is 8134 points.

In contrast, the normal running score of Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 is around 5800-6000, and the running score of Apple A14 is around 7400-7800. This also means that the next-generation Samsung flagship will not only lead 888 by 40%, but even exceed it. Apple’s latest A series processors.

It is worth noting that the above test is based on the Cortex-A77 core. According to his previous revelations, the new SoC should be named Exynos 2200, and the performance may be better after switching to ARM’s latest Cortex-X2 and Cortex-A710 cores.