Samsung announced the launch of a new smart display: equipped with Tizen OS

On November 16th, Samsung today released a new smart display, which is a new display solution with functions for work, study and entertainment. Like Samsung's smart TVs, Samsung's new smart displays also use the Tizen operating system, which provides numerous connection methods for PCs and smart phones.


Features of the new Samsung Smart TV:

Users only need to use Tap View, App Casting or Apple AirPlay 2 to connect to personal mobile devices with a simple click. Users can also connect to the display through Samsung DeX.

In terms of home office and learning, due to the built-in Wi-Fi, the display can operate Microsoft Office 365 applications without connecting to a PC. Users can view, edit and save cloud documents directly from the display.

The remote access function also allows users to remotely access files on the PC or view the content on the laptop via wireless means, whether it is located elsewhere in the home or in the office.

The USB Type-C port only needs to be connected once to achieve data, display and power (up to 65W) functions.

Multiple USB ports and Bluetooth 4.2 allow additional connection versatility, while the display has built-in dual-channel speakers.

The display’s app store allows users to stream their favorite content, including Netflix, HBO and YouTube, even if they are not connected to a PC or mobile device.

The content can be easily accessed through the provided remote control, which includes hot keys for streaming services. Thanks to the integrated Bixby function, the display can also be controlled by voice.

Adaptive pictures optimize the picture quality of any viewing environment by automatically adjusting brightness and color temperature according to room conditions.

Samsung Smart Display will provide two sizes. M7 supports 32-inch UHD resolution, while M5 supports 32-inch and 27-inch FHD resolution options. Samsung smart displays are currently on sale in the United States, Canada and China, and Samsung plans to expand the sales market from the end of November.