Samsung Exynos 1080 releases 5nm process technology to directly double performance

The home of iMobile, November 12 news. Today, Samsung officially held a new product launch conference of "From the Core to the Future" in Shanghai. Samsung’s first 5nm 5G SoC, Exynos 1080, which has attracted much attention before, was officially unveiled. At the press conference, Samsung also revealed that the first launch of the new products will soon meet with everyone officially, which is very exciting.

According to Samsung, everyone is spending more and more time on mobile phones, and various streaming media and game services have greatly contributed to the increase in user time. According to statistics, the average daily time spent on digital media by ordinary users in 2018 has been Reached 6.3 hours, and the mobile terminal time was 3.6 hours, which has surpassed the traditional PC terminal, and Samsung Exynos 1080 will bring all-round upgrades from the network, performance, imaging, and end-side AI to provide users with better use Experience.

Samsung believes that the semiconductor manufacturing process is the key to the advancement of mobile technology. From 65nm in 2009 to the current 5nm EUV, Samsung Exynos has been insisting on innovation and growth.

The new 5nm process technology enables Exynos 1080 to achieve a 30% reduction in logic area and a 15% increase in energy efficiency.

In terms of performance, Exynos 1080 uses a 4*Cortex-A78+4*Cortex-A55 8-core CPU architecture with a maximum clock speed of 2.8GHz. From the Geekbench 5 results, compared to the previous generation Exynos 980, the new generation Exynos 1080 single-core performance Reached 1.5 times, multi-core performance is directly doubled.

As for the graphics capabilities that have the most direct impact on the game, Exynos 1080 uses the Mali-G78MP10 GPU architecture. The 10-core design is also doubled compared to the previous generation, plus the upgraded 4-channel LPDDR5 support. The GPU was tested in Manhattan V.3. The performance has reached 2.3 times of the previous generation.

As Samsung’s first 5nm 5G SoC, Exynos 1080 also has excellent wireless connection capabilities, and supports both Sub-6G and millimeter wave connections. The theoretical peak rate of Sub-6G (SA independent networking, 2CA dual-carrier aggregation @200MHz) is still low. Up to 5.1Gbps, technical support such as Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 is naturally not missing.

Video is a feature that consumers value most of smartphones today. Exynos 1080 also brings greater improvements. It not only supports up to 6 shots or up to 200 million pixel resolution images, but also supports high dynamic range standard HDR10+ and native 10bit color depth. In the recording and playback of 4K UHD video, the NPU can recognize the objects and scenery in the photo in real time during the shooting process, such as the sky, flowers, skin color, etc., and perform targeted optimization to bring better image shooting and playback capabilities.

Finally, Exynos 1080 is also equipped with the Amigo power management system, which can dynamically monitor the power consumption of each process while the game is running, predict and analyze and adjust the voltage in real time. According to Samsung data, the power efficiency can be improved by 10% after optimization. Terminal products provide support in terms of battery life.