Samsung folding screen flagship rendering exposure: support 120Hz, cancel bangs

Recently, a real picture of Samsung’s folding screen flagship machine Galaxy Z fold 2 has been circulated on the Internet, but its credibility is questionable. After that, the overseas media MSP directly released the official rendering of the machine.

Galaxy Z fold 2 is a brand new iteration product of Galaxy fold. With regard to the naming method, “Z” may mean the feature of folding screen, and it can form a new product line like galaxy note and Galaxy s.

As can be seen from the rendered image, the galaxy Z fold 2 is available in two colors: gray black and twilight gold. In addition to color matching, it has a great change in appearance compared with the previous generation, first of all, there is no bangs. In terms of screen size, the expanded size of the inner screen increases from 7.3 inches to 7.7 inches, and the outer screen increases from 4.6 inches to 6.23 inches. Moreover, both screens will support 120Hz refresh rate.

For other configurations, combined with the previous information, the galaxy Z fold 2 is expected to adopt the high pass snapdragon 865 plus processor, equipped with 4356mah battery and 15W wireless fast charging. As for the price, it is not known.