Samsung Galaxy A12 entry machine puts on the agenda, most likely not to land in the Chinese market

Home of iMobile phones, August 27 news. According to foreign media SAMMOBILE reports, Samsung is already updating the entry-level new phone, which belongs to the low-end Galaxy A12 of the A series, and its product model is SM-A125F (the previous generation A11 model is SM-A115F), with 32/64GB storage space, equipped with PLS TFT touch screen and rear three camera system, the battery may be larger than the 4000mAh on the Galaxy A11, because the product is still in an early stage, so the relevant details are all Not sure yet.

However, considering that the previous generation Galaxy A11 has not landed in the Chinese market, this sequel will most likely not enter the sight of ordinary users. After all, in such an entry-level product market, whether it is price or configuration, domestically produced Compared with these international brands, the machine has obvious advantages.