Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro noise-canceling headphones released: every moment, extraordinary "loud"

Beijing time on January 14, 2021, Samsung Electronics has introduced a new generation headsets – Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. It combines immersive sound effects, excellent call quality, intelligent active noise reduction, and convenient cross-device connection functions. At the same time, it adopts a simple and smooth design language, which is light and stylish. Galaxy Buds Pro can be called Samsung’s best headset product so far, and it will become a right-hand man for consumers in daily life such as work and entertainment in the future.

Lu Taiwen, President of Samsung Electronics’ mobile communications department, said: “Nowadays, people are constantly looking for technology products that help them adapt to new lifestyles. The market for true wireless headsets is gradually expanding, and consumer expectations are also increasing. Small size contains great energy, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will use a unique audio experience to give users an extraordinary’remarkable’ new life experience.”

Better sound quality and call effect

To measure the quality of a headset, sound quality is often put in the first place. When people listen to music while running or listen to podcasts on the way to work, they undoubtedly pay special attention to the sound quality of headphones. Based on this, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is equipped with 11 mm woofer and 6.5 mm tweeter, creating a wider sound range, and the bass is thick and rich in texture, and the treble is clear and crisp without distortion. Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro combines the beauty of agility and balance, interpreting Samsung’s best audio experience so far. Whether it’s rhythmic hip-hop music or melodious classical melody, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro can restore the artist’s true creative voice anytime, anywhere.

At present, the use of headsets is no longer limited to entertainment and recreation, but also an important tool for work communication, so the importance of call quality is becoming more and more prominent. Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is equipped with three sets of microphones and a voice pickup (VPU), which can better separate the human voice and background sound, ensuring that users clearly obtain the required sound information. Among them, an external microphone adopts a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) design, which can further eliminate background noise. Not only that, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro also integrates Samsung’s latest wind-proof design, which can minimize the contact area with the wind, and the uniquely designed sound cavity and breathable grid can filter out wind disturbances, even if there is wind noise interference. In the environment, users can also get a high-quality call experience.

Smarter active noise reduction function

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is a true wireless earphone that is good at “observing words and colors”. Its intelligent active noise reduction function (ANC) can distinguish sounds more accurately and shut out redundant sounds [1] . When users need to focus on work or enjoy a quiet leisure time, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro can isolate them up to 99% of background noise [2] , and users can also adjust themselves according to their needs. In addition, users can also adjust the ambient sound, which can amplify the surrounding volume by more than 20 decibels. This function is very friendly to people who need to multi-task, such as taking care of work and children when working at home, and taking care of the surrounding traffic safety while running.

More importantly, the active noise reduction function (ANC) can also automatically cooperate with the ambient sound function to adapt to the surrounding environment and optimize the audio experience. Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro can recognize that the user is speaking, and automatically switch between reducing and amplifying the ambient sound [3] . When you are listening to music, even if you are using ambient sound or have turned off the active noise reduction function (ANC), as long as you speak, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will automatically lower the music playback volume. With the support of these functions, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro provides users with a more convenient communication environment to help users’ lives and work.

More seamless Internet experience ecological Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is an indispensable member of the Galaxy ecosystem, creating a seamless connection experience beyond Samsung’s previous experience. From now on, users can automatically switch the headset connection between Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablet computers according to their needs, without manual operation [4] . For example, when you are using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 to watch a video, and the Samsung Galaxy S21 has an incoming call notification, the dual-device seamless connection function of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will pause the video playback in the tablet, and you can easily transfer to the phone to answer the call. . After the call is over, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro can also immediately switch the connection back to the tablet, the video will continue to play, and the headset will run synchronously.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro can be interconnected with many devices in the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem to bring a richer audio experience, especially when combined with the Samsung Galaxy S21. Particularly noteworthy is that Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro can use Dolby Head TrackingTM (Dolby Head TrackingTM) based 360-degree surround sound effects [5] , allowing users to always be in the “C position” of the sound field, allowing users to stay in the “C position” at any time, anywhere. Enjoy a more immersive listening experience. If you are a video blogger, you can also use the microphones of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro and Samsung Galaxy S21 simultaneously to clearly capture human voices and ambient sounds. In addition, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro also set up a game mode, low audio delay with the powerful performance of Samsung Galaxy S21 and excellent screen, allowing people to experience a smoother new gaming experience.

In terms of battery life, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro can also meet the needs of users for more durable use. After the battery is fully charged, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro supports up to 8 hours of playback, and the wireless charging box reserves 20 hours of backup power. With the active noise reduction function (ANC) turned on, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro can still reach 5 hours of playback time. With a charging box, it can obtain an additional 13 hours of backup power [6] . Even if the battery is exhausted, you only need to charge it for 5 minutes to get 1 hour of power for use [7] .

More intimate fashion design

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is not only a “face value school” that meets the individual pursuit of users, but also an intimate “power school”. Based on the innovative and iconic fuselage structure of the previous generation of Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro adopts a more ergonomic design and has been upgraded in terms of appearance. With the help of in-ear design, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro has achieved sound quality improvement, and it also allows users to wear it more beautifully and naturally, avoiding awkwardness. In addition, this design also reduces the contact area between the earphone and the ear, further reducing the “foreign body sensation” and making it more comfortable to wear.

It is also one of the design concepts of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro to let users feel more at ease. Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro has IPX7 waterproof rating [8] , which is the highest waterproof standard in Samsung Galaxy Buds series. Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro also abides by the concept of environmental protection. The products are made with 20% post-consumer recycled materials (PCM), leading by example to contribute to the protection of the earth.

Sale information

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro has launched three color schemes: the classic and timeless night black and illusion silver, and the eye-catching Brahma dream purple [9] , which can be better matched with Samsung Galaxy S21.

[1] Galaxy Buds Pro can distinguish between noise and human voice. When speaking, you can temporarily switch to the ambient sound and lower the media volume. You can listen to a clear conversation without taking off the headset.

[2] The ANC function of Galaxy Buds Pro has passed UL certification, which can reduce 99% of external background noise at 118.43Hz. ANC and other functions, can (download Samsung application store) enabled applications through Galaxy Wearable Bluetooth ® settings or Android device.

[3] Smart ANC functions such as ANC , ambient sound and voice detection can be set through the Galaxy Wearable app.

[4] Galaxy smartphones or tablets that support One UI 3.1 or later support this function. You can turn this function on or off in the Bluetooth® settings. Different devices need to log in to the same Samsung account. The availability of this feature may vary by application.

[5] Galaxy smartphones or tablets that support One UI 3.1 or later support this feature, which can be set in the Advanced Options in the Galaxy Wearable app . The availability of this feature may vary by application. When used with Dolby Atmos, the clarity, detail and depth of the sound will be further improved.

[6] Measured under the condition of default setting and Bixby voice wake-up and voice detection function disabled. Actual battery life may vary depending on conditions of use and feature set, play the file types and Bluetooth ® Factors such as signal strength vary. When the ANC function is turned on, the Galaxy Buds Pro can play for up to 5 hours, and when the charging box is used, the play time can be increased by 13 hours. When the ANC function is turned off, the playback time can reach 8 hours, and the playback time can be increased by 20 hours when the charging box is used .

[7] The power of the headset battery must be less than 30% when it starts charging. The actual charging time varies depending on the usage environment and the number of charging times.

[8] IPX7 rating is tested under laboratory conditions and can be immersed in fresh water at a depth of no more than 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. Not recommended for use on the beach or swimming pool. The charging case is not waterproof. If the earplugs are damaged, the waterproof performance cannot be guaranteed. Before touching the earplugs or putting them in the charging case, be sure to wipe the earplugs and hands dry.

[9] Available colors may vary from market to market.