Samsung Galaxy note 20: 45W fast charging shrinkage: 25W

Samsung recently released the annual Galaxy note 20 series, which includes two versions of note 20 and note 20 Ultra. Both the appearance and hardware specifications are impressive. However, Samsung has secretly dug a hole.

Note 20 and note 20 ultra are equipped with 4300mah and 4500mAh capacity batteries respectively, which support wired fast charging and wireless fast charging. However, the official specification sheet does not give specific power value, only that it can charge 50% within 30 minutes.


Previously, the galaxy note 10 + and Galaxy S20 ultra both support fast charging up to 45W (although the standard charger is 25W). Therefore, it has been reported that the note 20 ultra will also have 45W fast charging, but as a result, both the note 20 and the note 20 ultra only support 25W fast charging.

If you have purchased Samsung’s 45W charger, you can still use it with the note 20 series, but the power will be limited to 25W.

Domestic mobile phone manufacturers have been attacking 100W + fast charging. Samsung and apple are still “not thinking of making progress” and even started reversing.