Samsung Galaxy note 20 will bring uwp technology, faster wireless speed

When it comes to uwp, I believe many people will think of the universal windows platform of Microsoft. However, considering that this is an abbreviation, it is normal to have a duplicate name. At present, it is reported that Samsung will bring uwp technology to its smart phones, which is oriented to wireless data transmission.

The technology was unveiled by twitter blogger @ saudiandroid, who said it was faster than NFC and would be launched by the galaxy note 20 series, and other brands could use it later.

Last year, Apple iPhone 11 brought UWB ultra bandwidth technology, and achieved better positioning effect through its UI chip. Samsung’s technology looks like UWB, but its purpose is to transfer files.

It is pointed out that the implementation of this technology is to integrate an open API at the bottom of the system, which allows other programs to access the API, and propargyne calls related hardware to realize the rapid data transmission.

At present, Samsung, Sony, Bosch and NXP have joined the Fira (fine ranging) alliance and are developing UWB ecosystem.

As for other uwp technologies, it is estimated that information will not be available until Samsung & nbsp; unpacked galaxy on August 5.