Samsung Galaxy Note20 series Beijing tasting: a more futuristic new technology experience

On August 27, Samsung’s new generation of 5G flagship smartphone Galaxy Note20 series media tasting was successfully held in Beijing. In addition to the two new models of Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy Book S thin and light laptops, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7|S7+ multi-function tablet, Samsung Galaxy Watch3 smart watches, and Samsung Galaxy Buds Live wireless Bluetooth headsets are also included. Debut. This futuristic technological feast brought by the new Galaxy eco-products not only brings together the most cutting-edge technological innovations from Samsung and the entire industry, but also brings together the extraordinary performance of a top flagship and outstanding 5G interconnection experience. Present.

Office and entertainment all-rounder Galaxy Note20 series experience extraordinary

As a blockbuster new product of Samsung’s 5G flagship series, the Galaxy Note20 series is perfect in terms of software and hardware upgrades and user experience. The industry-leading Snapdragon 865 Plus top flagship processor, ultra-high-speed dual-mode 5G and Wi-Fi 6 network, first-class large screen, large-capacity smart battery and other hard-core functional configurations, let the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series maintain a consistent high-end level. In terms of cameras, the Galaxy Note20 series not only has a powerful rear three-camera combination, but also supports professional 8K video recording and cutting-edge AI one-click multiple shooting, ensuring that users can easily shoot director-level videos with fine image quality and excellent sound effects. And wonderful high-quality photos. In terms of storage, thanks to 8GB/12GB storage, 256GB/512GB large memory and up to an additional 1TB storage configuration, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series further meets the needs of users to download more office and entertainment apps, store massive photos and high-definition videos , It also brings a more high-quality advanced experience.

Not only that, this time Samsung also equipped the Galaxy Note20 series with a more intelligent and enhanced version of the S Pen, which greatly improves the accuracy of strokes and the response speed of pen down, while also making the writing experience closer to the real paper-pen-like natural and smooth. With S Pen, users can not only record creative inspiration or work minutes at any time in the upgraded Samsung Notebook, but also realize easy sharing and real-time editing of more content across devices. With 5 new S Pen remote control gestures, voice tags, smart adjustment of handwriting angle, PC-like file management and other new functions, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series helps users further improve efficiency while also bringing more convenience and intelligence. New interactive experience.

In addition, in terms of appearance, the Galaxy Note20 series also follows the stunning design of Samsung’s mobile phones, and introduces a new iconic color: Fog Gold. Its high-quality neutral tone and matte texture make the Galaxy Note20 series more classic. fashion. More than that, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series also has four color schemes: ice mint, cold mountain ash, obsidian black, and early white. The two models of Samsung Galaxy Note20 series “big and bigger” and the five distinctive colors of “beautiful and advanced”, I believe there will always be one that will make your heart beat.

A new way of smart life, Galaxy ecological interconnection makes the experience more enjoyable

In addition to the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note20 series phones, other new products in the Samsung Galaxy Ecosystem are also worth seeing. Among them, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7|S7+ integrates powerful functions, lightweight and portable, and the Galaxy Book S is a good balance between fashion and lightness. Both products can easily achieve a first-class experience of cross-device interconnection with Samsung Galaxy Note20 series phones. ; Samsung Galaxy Watch3 is made by Samsung Electronics and watch designers with great heart. It is classic fashion and tasteful, and it is more comfortable to wear. The powerful function configuration and the use of Samsung Galaxy Note20 series mobile phones can also allow users to enjoy safety, health, A rich experience of professional intelligence; the true wireless headset Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, which is professionally adjusted by AKG, allows users to have high-quality sound restoration and ultimate when listening to music, voice calls or shooting 8K videos with the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series Experience.

With the gradual popularization of 5G and the rapid development of smart technology, consumers are bound to usher in the demand for new 5G mobile phones, and as an all-rounder Samsung Galaxy Note20 series flagship smartphones are the best choice. Coupled with Samsung’s powerful Galaxy ecosystem, users will be able to enjoy a fully upgraded mobile smart terminal experience, and easily open a more futuristic new way of 5G smart life. It is worth mentioning that from August 28th, Samsung Galaxy Note20 series, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7|S7+, Samsung Galaxy Watch3 LTE version, and Samsung Galaxy Buds Live will all be officially on sale. Friends can go to the Samsung online store and , Tmall, Suning, Gome and other Samsung official flagship stores, or visit Samsung’s offline stores to experience and purchase the machine. After completing the purchase, you will not only enjoy exclusive gifts, installment interest-free, Samsung’s exclusive butler and other benefits, but also multiple surprises The courtesy is waiting for you, no need to wait any longer, change to a new one now!