Samsung Galaxy Note20 series brings a variety of new products to China to open a new way of smart life

On August 13, 2020, Samsung Electronics officially held the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series new product experience conference in China, and released a new generation of flagship smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra models, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7| S7+ multifunctional tablet, Samsung Galaxy Watch3 smart watch, and Samsung Galaxy Buds Live wireless bluetooth headset consist of four categories of Galaxy ecological smart products. In the context of the rapid development of the new 5G era, with Samsung’s powerful Galaxy ecosystem, users can enjoy an upgraded mobile smart terminal experience and easily open a new way of life with more futuristic 5G.

“This is a challenging era. People rely on technology more than ever. In adversity, technology can help us more and let us enjoy every moment of life.” Said Cui Shengzhi, president of Samsung Electronics Greater China : “Under the new normal, Samsung will continue to innovate itself, making technology and innovation more meaningful and valuable. The new Samsung Galaxy Note20 series is designed for those loyal fans of the Note series, and can fully satisfy those who are working and playing. Consumers who pursue the ultimate experience. When used with other mobile devices in the Galaxy ecosystem, it can also bring a smooth interconnection experience and help users realize their dream lifestyle.”

Choi Seung-sik, President of Samsung Electronics Greater China

High-efficiency Samsung Galaxy Note20 series to help you work hard

Samsung Galaxy Note series smartphones have always been a powerful helper for professionals to work efficiently, and its iconic S Pen is an important reason for users to choose this model. This time, Samsung has equipped the Galaxy Note20 series with a further upgraded version of the S Pen, which greatly improves the accuracy of strokes and the response speed of pen down, while also making the writing experience more natural and smooth like a real pen and paper. Through the S Pen, users can not only easily record the inspiration and creativity that burst out at any time, but also enjoy the new experience of remote control interaction with the help of the newly added 5 kinds of air-operated gesture commands. With the more intelligent upgraded version of Samsung Note, users can easily share files across devices, and can also take advantage of the new automatic save and synchronization functions to avoid file loss and switch devices to complete editing at any time.

Not only that, through the upgraded version of Samsung Note, users can also edit, annotate or set highlighting of documents such as PDF; users can also intelligently adjust the angle of handwriting based on the conversion of traditional handwriting into electronic text. For users who often need to have meetings or record class notes, the newly added voice tag function can directly play back the recordings of the corresponding time period by tapping the relevant vocabulary in the notes. In addition, a convenient file management method like a PC can also help users easily manage and find previously saved notes, which greatly saves time and improves efficiency.

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is equipped with ultra-wideband technology for the first time. Users only need to point the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra to another Samsung Galaxy device that supports ultra-wideband. The new “point to share” function will automatically be listed above the user’s sharing panel. It can share files more conveniently and efficiently with the people facing it. Of course, the new Samsung DeX can also connect the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series to a smart TV wirelessly, and can perform multitasking between two screens at the same time, that is, users can share videos on the TV while on the phone. Can continue to socialize with friends. It can be said that whether users are in the office or working online at home, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series allows users to enjoy a new mobile office experience.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra

High-quality Samsung Galaxy Note20 series, let you enjoy life

Samsung Galaxy Note20 series 5G mobile phones are not only a productivity tool with extremely high work efficiency, but also their outstanding flagship performance, which provides users with a first-class high-quality experience. Both Samsung Galaxy Note20 series models use the best Snapdragon 865 Plus high-performance processor, and support cutting-edge ultra-high-speed dual-mode 5G and Wi-Fi 6 networks, regardless of downloading, searching or watching online live broadcasts. Provide users with a better network communication experience. Among them, Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is also equipped with a second-generation dynamic AMOLED screen that supports 120Hz adaptive refresh rate technology, which can automatically adjust the screen refresh rate according to the content the user is watching, thereby extending battery life. With a 4500mAh (typical value) large-capacity battery and AI-supported game accelerator, Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra allows users to enjoy the smooth visual experience and professional gaming experience brought by mobile phones at any time. At present, more than 30 popular games such as “Ace Warrior”, “New Swordsman” and “New World of Gods and Demons” are all adapted to 120Hz high refresh rate. It is worth mentioning that the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra has also obtained the five-star high-performance gaming high-performance certification of China Tell Labs and the five-level endurance certification of mobile smart terminal endurance performance.

In terms of professional-level images, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series is also outstanding. It not only helps users take great photos, but also can easily produce movie-level 8K videos. Thanks to the rear three-camera combination composed of up to 108 million pixels of high-definition main camera, it supports up to 50x ultra-high-resolution zoom, AI one-key multi-shot and super stable mode and other cutting-edge technologies, allowing users to shoot far and near objects , Can harvest the stunning image quality with rich and full image details and bright pictures. In the professional video mode, users can set more options such as ISO, shutter speed, manual focus, etc., and can also record 24 frames of 8K ultra-high resolution video with a 21:9 aspect ratio. Not only that, by controlling and adjusting the direction and volume of the sound source of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series microphone, or switching between the fuselage microphone and the external microphone, it can better ensure that the sound can be recorded more clearly in different environments. Get video masterpieces with excellent audio-visual effects.

It is worth mentioning that the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series also has a built-in storage space of up to 512GB, and can also be expanded through a microSD card to achieve a total capacity of up to 1.5TB of mass storage space, helping users to easily save high-resolution videos and photos. Samsung Smart Pay, Samsung Knox mobile security platform, smart battery technology, super-accelerated charging technology, and IP68 dust and water resistance, which support the function of screen card swiping, are equipped with a series of powerful functions, which make the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series “from the inside to the outside” “All are more intelligent, convenient, safe and reliable, so that users can enjoy a wonderful life.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 series leads the ecological interconnection and opens a new smart life for you

In the new 5G era, as the most critical 5G product in Samsung’s Galaxy ecological interconnection system, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series of smart hand mechanisms have built the foundation for Samsung’s multi-terminal interconnection and close collaboration. Combining cutting-edge devices such as Samsung Galaxy Tab S7|S7+, Samsung Galaxy Watch3 and Samsung Galaxy Buds Live with Samsung Galaxy Note20 series smartphones will not only enrich the mobile phone experience, but also add more intelligent fun to users’ lives. Bringing an enjoyable journey of “Internet of Everything” 5G.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7|S7+

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7|S7+ combines the powerful functions of a computer, the lightness and portability of a tablet, and the smart interconnection of a mobile phone. Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus processor, enhanced S Pen and a separately sold peripheral keyboard provide a PC-level office experience; the immersive large screen with 120Hz adaptive refresh rate ensures that users have an excellent visual experience in audiovisual entertainment ; The smart battery can automatically adjust the power output, allowing users to play games and create efficiently. In addition, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7|S7+ can also easily realize cross-device interconnection with Samsung Galaxy Note20 series, allowing users to enjoy a smarter and more convenient experience in daily use.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch3 is created by Samsung Electronics and watch designers with great care. It presents a classic appearance like a mechanical watch, which meets the needs of users for upgrading high-end fashion taste and is more comfortable to wear. In terms of functional upgrades, Samsung Galaxy Watch3 can track and monitor blood oxygen saturation in real time, and can send SOS assistance information to pre-set emergency contacts through the fall monitoring function when the user falls, and protect the user’s health in all aspects. In addition, Samsung Galaxy Watch3 also has a series of sports functions such as running analysis function and VO2 Max monitoring. It can be used with Samsung Galaxy Note20 series phones to bring users a more professional, richer and smarter fitness experience. .

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 and Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is carefully crafted by Samsung. It is a true wireless headset with innovative shape and upgraded sound quality. Thanks to the novel and compact design, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live looks stylish and comfortable to the ear, subverting the user’s previous experience of wearing wireless headphones. When listening to music, Samsung Galaxy Buds Live creates an unparalleled immersive surround sound effect through AKG professionally tuned sound quality, as well as a larger 12mm speaker and bass channel, making users feel like they are on the scene. During a call, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live’s three-microphone array and a voice pickup can effectively identify the required voice information for the user, while filtering noise to ensure high-quality calls. When users use the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series to shoot 8K video, it is better to use the noise reduction effect with Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, which can further ensure the quality of the sound source in the video.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 series official price

This time, Samsung Galaxy Note20 is available in three colors: Fog Gold, Ice Mint, and Cold Mountain Grey. The suggested retail price of the 8GB+256GB version is RMB 7399; Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is available in three colors: Fog Gold, Obsidian Black, and Early Dew White, 12GB The suggested retail price of the +256GB version is 9199 yuan (USD $1314) , and the suggested retail price of the 12GB+512GB version is 9999 yuan (USD $1428) ; Samsung Galaxy Tab S7|S7+ is available in fog gold and obsidian black. At present, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series has officially opened for pre-sale. Consumers can go to the WeChat service account “Samsung Member Club”, Samsung Online Store (,, Tmall, Suning and other Samsung official flagship stores to participate In the event, consumers who have successfully ordered have the opportunity to enjoy 12 interest-free installments, a 600 yuan (USD $86) coupon for Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, and a 6-month discount screen change service.