Samsung Galaxy S21 series does not provide chargers and headphones, has deleted tweets mocking Apple iPhone12

News on December 20: Shortly after the release of Apple iPhone12, several brands including Samsung used social platforms to mock Apple’s move to no longer provide standard chargers. Apple said that it would no longer include power adapters and EarPods. These often unused accessories can make the product packaging smaller, and the number of products that can be shipped at a time increases accordingly, so that the overall number of shipments will be reduced, which can reduce carbon emissions.

However, there have been reports since then that Samsung is considering implementing measures not to provide chargers. Soon after the official renderings of the Galaxy S21 and S21+ flagship phones were released, the well-known whistleblower Roland Quandt confirmed that Samsung will make a controversial move-to follow in the footsteps of Apple’s iPhone and no longer provide chargers for new phones And headphones.

Just a few weeks ago, several sources confirmed that the S21 will definitely be shipped without a charger. Now when reading past information, it can be found that Samsung has deleted the Twitter article mocking the iPhone 12 without a charger.

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Roland is known for accurately leaking Samsung news. He tweeted that Samsung will not provide chargers for three models including the Galaxy S21 Ultra, at least in the European market; in addition, he also said that the packaging box There will not be any earphones or protective sleeves attached.