Samsung headphones are the culprit of ear inflammation?

Headphones have long been an essential piece of equipment for many people every day. When commuting to and from get off work, when going out alone to go shopping, when doing fitness and running, even if you don’t listen to anything, as long as you wear headphones, you will have an endless sense of security.

However, in the recent period, the news that “Samsung headphones are suspected of causing ear inflammation” has attracted the attention of many people. For a while, many users have begun to care about the topic of earphones and ear health.

So, are Samsung headphones really the culprit of ear inflammation, and what is the relationship between headphones and ear health?

Pus, scabs, in-ear headphones are “successful”

Last month, a South Korean user using Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro headphones posted on the Internet that they felt unwell after listening to a song. Suddenly, many Korean consumers said that they had encountered the same problems, and there were even cases of pus and scabs.

▲ This news even appeared on CCTV

After this news was exposed, many users reported similar problems on the domestic Gallus forum, and even the symptoms were the same.

▲ User feedback on Samsung Galaxy Forum

Even in the comments, there are users who suspect that the problem is not just the material of the ear cap, but the material of the entire headset:

Suddenly, various speculations raged, and even formed a topic.

Fortunately, this time, Samsung quickly responded to this incident and announced the results of the testing by the testing agency: “The product has been tested without harmful substances in the official agency testing before it goes on the market.”

At the same time, Samsung also informed the possible reasons for this situation: the earphone uses acrylic in the color matching process, and the nickel component is used in the stainless steel of the earphone body, and users who are allergic to related components are advised to avoid wearing them for a long time. .

But then again, many users are unheard of “nickel can also cause allergies”. At the same time, the proportion of people allergic to nickel in my country is as high as 20%. Based on these two backgrounds, it is really debatable whether the addition of nickel to headphones is reasonable.

▲ Nickel allergy is an important cause of contact dermatitis

As the topic of ear discomfort caused by Samsung headphones continues to heat up, ear discomfort caused by other headphones has also begun to be exposed.

On the Black Cat complaint platform, there are not a few complaints about discomfort caused by headsets such as Huawei and OPPO, especially the discomfort caused by a certain headset of OPPO.

Xiaohei guessed that perhaps many of the cases were caused by allergies to the material of the earphones, but there were also many cases due to the user’s usual habit of wearing earphones.