Samsung launched an offline search function, which can determine the location of the phone even if the network is disconnected

With the advancement of technology, mobile phones have almost become indispensable for modern people. But this also raises a question, what to do if the phone is lost. Especially when the mobile phone is stolen, turned off, or disconnected from the Internet, it is difficult to retrieve the mobile phone. The source Max Weinbach said that in order to solve this problem for users, Samsung recently launched a new feature-offline search.

Even if the phone is offline for various reasons, you can use this feature to find the location of the phone. In fact, in iOS 13, this feature has already been added to Apple mobile phones, and offline search is not Samsung’s first launch.

The offline search function can increase the probability of retrieving the phone, but it also requires you to use your device as a “sniffing source” to help others find the lost device. And not only mobile phones, smart watches, earphones, etc., can all realize offline search functions.

This feature can indeed help users retrieve lost devices, but because they need their own devices as a “sniffing source”, some privacy issues may also arise. Of course, whether there is demand or not, it is naturally good to have this feature, and we hope that other mobile phone manufacturers can launch this feature as soon as possible.