Samsung mass-produces DDR5 memory next year, using EUV process

Although there have been many previous reports that Intel and AMD will launch platforms that support DDR5 memory this year, at least for now you have to wait until next year. Because Samsung announced that it will mass produce DDR5 memory in 2021, platforms without memory will not work properly.

Samsung said that its DDR5 memory will use the EUV process and will be mainly produced at a new plant in Pyeongtaek, South Korea. In addition, Samsung announced that the first batch of DDR4 memory with EUV technology has shipped 1 million.

Unlike the current common DUV process, Samsung's EUV uses a shorter wavelength of extreme ultraviolet light, which makes finer lithography possible, allows the production of smaller transistors, thereby improving process levels and production efficiency. This technology can reduce the repeated steps of multiple exposures in lithography and improve accuracy.

Samsung estimates that the production efficiency of DDR5 memory produced by the EUV process will double the production efficiency of the 12-inch D1a wafer compared to the original D1x process wafer.

Details of the DDR5 memory have not yet been announced. The standard was released in 2019 and the standard bandwidth is 32GBps.

So although there is a big difference between the two, if you look at the LPDDR5 on your phone and want to use DDR5, you may have to wait at least another year. After all, no memory products and platforms have been released yet.