Samsung note 20 ultra will support UWB Technology

At the Samsung unpacked conference last night, Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy note 20 series finally officially met with us. According to the previous information, most of the new features of Samsung note series have been mastered by us. But according to last night’s release, the Samsung Galaxy note 20 ultra is much more than we can see.

It is reported that Samsung’s Galaxy note 20 ultra is currently Samsung’s first mobile phone to adopt ultra wideband (UWB) technology, which first appeared on Apple’s iPhone 11. According to Samsung, this technology can support AR technology, and even in the near future, UWB will help you find things more accurately through AR technology, and also let you use your mobile phone as a “digital key” to open the door. UWB technology uses very high frequency (up to 8250mhz) short-range wireless signal, and its low-power technology will not interfere with other wireless signals.

In addition, this technology can share files with other mobile phones that also have UWB function. “As long as you point the galaxy note 20 ultra to other galaxy devices equipped with UWB, you can send photos, videos and other files through Bluetooth, webrtc or peer-to-peer WiFi. This type of transmission greatly improves the transmission efficiency between devices. There are even reports that the technology can also be used for indoor location tracking in shopping malls.

Samsung has expanded the carrying function of mobile phones to the maximum in the current mobile phone field. In the future, in addition to the smart door lock, whether there will be more technical support remains to be seen.