Samsung S20 Ultra 100 million camera half-second output body weighs less than 200 grams

Due to its 100-megapixel camera, the Samsung S20 Ultra has naturally become the most watched of the three new models in the Samsung S20 series. Now, not only are the spy photos of the camera module on the back of the camera exposed for the first time, but the news from internal channels also revealed the detailed parameters of the front and rear cameras of the Samsung S20 Ultra. The filming speed is about half a second to a second, but the body is not as heavy as it is rumored, but it is closer to the Samsung Note10 +.

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40MP proactive support for multi-frame composition

According to information disclosed by internal channels, the Samsung S20 Ultra is confirmed to be equipped with a front lens of up to 40MP, which not only supports the auto focus function, but also has a single pixel area of 0.7 μm, which means that the sensor still uses the 4-in-1 technology , Can output 10MP photos in low light environment. However, this time Samsung also added HDR to the front lens of the S20 Ultra, supporting multi-frame compositing technology of up to 10-12 frames.

However, it may be because the front lens is as high as 40MP, so the front aperture of the Samsung S20 Ultra reaches 3.7mm, which is slightly larger than the 3.5mm front aperture of the other two models in the series. It is not integrated with a ToF camera like the previous rumors. Pixel upgrades and improved nighttime selfies have become the main features of the Samsung S20 Ultra front lens upgrade.

100 million modes in half a second

As for the Samsung S20 Ultra's rear camera, the internal channels say that it will be equipped with a combination of 100 million pixels main camera + 48MP periscope telephoto + 12MP ultra-wide lens + ToF camera. Among them, the 12MP super wide single pixel is 1.4μm and has a lens aperture of F2.2. The 100-megapixel wide-angle main camera has a 1 / 1.33 inch outsole and a single pixel area of 0.8 μm. It is confirmed that it supports 9-in-1 technology, and the single pixel area becomes 2.4 μm. It can output 12MP photos in dark light mode. Ten multi-frame composites.

It is worth mentioning that the Samsung S20 Ultra takes about half a second to one second to shoot in one megapixel mode, and there is no delay in the default 12MP mode. In terms of zoom function, the machine supports 10x zoom when set to 100 million pixel mode, and can bring up to 100x digital zoom function in 12MP mode. At the same time, in the case of high magnification, there will be a framing screen prompt box in the upper right corner of the phone, which is said to have a good anti-shake effect.

Weighs less than 200 grams

The Samsung S20 Ultra is also equipped with a 48MP periscope telephoto lens with a single pixel area of 0.8 μm and an F3.5 lens aperture. It is rumored to use the Sony IMX586 sensor. As for the stability of the 100x digital zoom that everyone cares about, insiders said that at 100x, it feels similar to 50 times that of friends. And when handheld shooting at high magnification zoom, the AI algorithm is expected to automatically detect the current viewfinder State, and finally perform secondary cutting optimization.

Although the Samsung S20 Ultra has powerful camera functions and is equipped with a 6.9-inch 120Hz digging screen, and even provides a 5000 mAh battery, the size of the body has not become bloated and heavy. According to internal channel disclosures, the body thickness is only 8.8mm, but the weight is not 221 grams disclosed by foreign websites, but rather close to the Samsung Note 10+, and there are also suspected insiders who disclose that the weight of the Samsung S20 Ultra At 198 grams, it is indeed closer to the Samsung Note 10+. It is reported that the Samsung S20 Ultra will be equipped with 12GB of memory as standard and 16GB of memory for the first time, but only black and gray colors are available.