Samsung S21's front screen exploded for the first time, continuing the hyperboloid design

Recently, a lot of relevant information about the Samsung Galaxy S21 series has been exposed online, and the most discussed topic is naturally the screen. According to the latest news on October 9th, well-known whistleblower Mayur Gadhiya exposed a frontal photo of the Samsung S21 and found that it still continued the design scheme of hyperboloid + centered digging.

According to Mayur Gadhiya, the product exposed this time is the standard version of the Samsung Galaxy S21, not the S21+ or S21 Ultra. The front of the fuselage is very similar to the previous generation S20. It is also a full-screen solution with a top centered hole and a hyperboloid design. The camera under the screen has not been changed to a straight screen.

At the same time, Samsung Galaxy S21 may also launch the Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 processor. Qualcomm has announced that it will debut the product at the Snapdragon Technology Summit on December 1 this year. Some market models will continue to use Samsung’s own The Exynos 2100 processor uses the same 5nm process as the Snapdragon 875, and its performance is also quite powerful.

Earlier there was news that the Samsung Galaxy S21 will be equipped with the S Pen stylus, which is only available in the Note series, and support its related control functions, but it has not yet been further confirmed. Judging from the current news, the overall change and upgrade of the Samsung Galaxy S21 will not be too great. I still hope that Samsung can bring us more surprises.