Samsung said the current sales volume of Galaxy folding phones is 400000-500000

On January 9, according to foreign media reports, a month ago, young Sohn, President of Samsung Electronics, mistakenly claimed that the company had sold 1 million Galaxy fold screens. Now, at CES 2020, the company has released a new sales forecast. “I think we’ve sold 400000 to 500000 Galaxy folder smartphones,” DJ Koh, CO CEO of Samsung Electronics, told Yonhap. ”


Given that Mr. Gao is in charge of Samsung’s entire mobile phone division, his data may be closer to the actual sales of Galaxy fold. But Gao Dongzhen’s data is still vague and frustrating. As the joint CEO of Samsung Electronics, he must have more accurate data than “ between 400 thousand and 500 thousand ” about the specific sales volume of the company’s most cutting-edge and experimental mobile phone.

Samsung has previously said it aims to sell 500000 Galaxy fold smartphones in 2019. Selling 400000 Galaxy folders didn’t meet the target.

Although far from Samsung’s sales of other smartphones, the sales of 400000 to 500000 Galaxy fold phones are still impressive. Samsung recently announced that it sold 6.7 million 5g smartphones in 2019, far more than the galaxy fold.

The launch of Galaxy fold is just the beginning of Samsung’s series of foldable phones. According to reports, the company is also developing a number of other foldable phones, and launched a vertically foldable flip smart phone on February 11. (Liu Chun)