Samsung suspected of developing 150 million pixel sensors! Xiaomi or will use

March 17 news. Recently, foreign media reported that Samsung is currently developing a 1-inch camera with a pixel size of 150 million and plans to sell it to Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo in the future. However, the news has not been officially confirmed by Samsung.

The sensor of this camera uses Nonacell technology. Samsung has used the same technology in the previously released Galaxy S20 Ultra. The camera has 108 million pixels. Xiaomi's 10 and Pro also carry the 108 million pixel lens.

It is understood that these sensors developed by Samsung are not ordinary camera sensors, but use Nonacell technology, which combines 9 pixels into 1 pixel Nonacell sensors. This technology can achieve higher light absorption and thus achieve 16 million pixels. Equivalent image.

It is reported that many companies now require 200 million pixel sensors, but Samsung has not yet been able to develop and provide them to various companies. With the 150 million pixel sensor developed this time, Xiaomi plans to use it in the fourth quarter of 2020. In addition, OPPO and vivo are also planned to be applied to the Snapdragon 875 mobile phone in the first quarter of next year.

It is unclear when and whether Samsung will use this sensor in its own products. There is speculation that it may be used in Samsung's Galaxy Note20 or the next generation of Galaxy S21. What do you think of it?