Samsung Thousand Yuan 5G new machine comes online! Coming soon?

March 23 news, it is reported that a new model SM-A71 has now passed 3C certification. Data show that the phone is a Samsung 5G digital mobile phone, which further confirms support for 5G.

Earlier, Samsung officially released the Samsung Galaxy A71 in India, and it was launched in India on February 24. The price is Rs 29,999 (RMB 2918). On March 20, it was reported that the Samsung Galaxy A71 will be listed in China. The exact time is uncertain. However, it is worth mentioning that the Samsung Galaxy A71 listed in China may support 5G networks.

It is understood that the Chinese Mainland License version of the Samsung Galaxy A71 may be equipped with Exynos 980 processor, weighs 185g, runs Android 10 system, uses a 6.7-inch AMOLED screen; 32 million front pixels, using a centered hole screen, rear camera , Respectively 64 million pixels, 5 million depth of field combination, 5 million macro and 12 million ultra wide angle; body memory 6 / 8GB, battery capacity is about 4500mAh.

At present, domestic domestic mobile phone brands have released or listed a lot of new machines. In comparison, what do you think of the Samsung Galaxy A71? Comments are welcome.