Samsung unveils new power management chip to increase battery life of split Bluetooth headsets

With the development of Bluetooth technology, the current split-type Bluetooth headset (or true wireless Bluetooth headset) has gradually become a necessity for many people to commute to work. Samsung recently launched two new power management chipsets for these products, namely MUA01 and MUB 01, both of which have smaller sizes, which can leave more space for the battery and achieve longer standby time.

Among them, Samsung integrated ten independent components into a single chipset (MNUA01). With this color design, Samsung reduced the size of the PMIC by half. These components include a microcontroller unit, eFlash, wireless charger, linear charger, load switch, drop point circuit, and reset IC.

Samsung states that MUA01 is the first true wireless headphone power IC that can integrate wired and Qi wireless charging functions into a single chip.

MUB01 is for headphones, with a power sensor, DC / DC converter, linear charger, low-dropout (LDO) regulator, and reset IC. The chip area is reduced by 50%. This design can provide greater capacity for the battery, thereby extending product life.

Both chips support firmware updates and have begun mass production. Not surprisingly, Samsung has already used two chips in its recently launched Galaxy Buds + headphones, so it has excellent performance in terms of battery life.