Samsung Z Flip 3 folding phone exposed, new screen + Snapdragon 888

According to previous news reports, Samsung plans to launch a new generation of folding mobile phone Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 in the first half of this year, and relevant information about this device has also begun to be revealed online. Recently, an overseas whistleblower @TheGalox_ revealed some information on the Galaxy Z Flip 3 on Twitter, and it will adopt a new screen.

According to the information leaked by the whistleblower, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 will use a new generation of LTPO technology display, the size is between 6.7 to 6.9 inches, supports 120Hz adaptive dynamic refresh rate, which can effectively reduce the power consumption of the screen display. The screen will also be covered with a new type of protective glass, which can effectively reduce screen creases.

As for the camera system, the front is still digging holes in the center at the top, but with smaller openings and narrower screen borders, the visual effect will be better. The rear is upgraded to a three-camera design. The design and arrangement are basically the same as the Samsung S21 that has been released. It is speculated that the camera specifications should not be too different.

The bigger change is that on the back of the Galaxy Z Flip 3, the secondary screen on the right side of the camera module will undergo a major upgrade. The increase in the display area can display more information and can perform sliding touch operations. It is not clear which functions will be supported, but it will be more practical than the previous generation, which will effectively reduce the number of times users unfold the screen and extend the life of the folding screen.