Samsung's first LPDDR5 uMCP will be mass-produced and used in mid-to-high-end smartphones

On June 23, Samsung recently announced that it has begun mass production of a new smartphone memory solution: LPDDR5 based on UFS-based Multichip Package (uMCP). Compared with the previous generation products, Samsung uMCP integrates the fastest LPDDR5 DRAM and the latest UFS 3.1 NAND flash memory among Samsung products, providing flagship performance for more smartphone users.

“Samsung’s latest LPDDR5 uMCP is based on advanced memory and packaging technology, allowing consumers to enjoy seamless streaming, gaming and mixed reality experiences even on low-end devices.” Said Zheng Guangxi, general manager of Samsung Semiconductor Storage Market. As 5G devices gradually become mainstream, Samsung’s uMCP innovative technology will accelerate the popularization of 5G and bring Metaverse into people’s daily lives as soon as possible.”

Based on Samsung’s latest mobile DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory, dynamic random access memory) and NAND interface, compared with the previous generation products, Samsung uMCP can provide extremely fast speed and large storage capacity with extremely low power consumption. This product combination allows more consumers to experience numerous 5G applications on mid-range devices; in the past, these applications could only be used on high-end flagship models, such as high-end photography, graphics-intensive games, and augmented reality. (AR). Compared with the previous UFS2.2 solution based on LPDDR4X, the DRAM performance of the new uMCP is improved by more than 50%, from 17GB/s to 25GB/s; the performance of NAND flash memory is doubled, from 1.5GB/s to 3GB/s , So as to create flagship performance.

The new uMCP also helps to improve the space utilization of smartphones. It integrates DRAM and NAND storage into a compact package measuring only 11.5mm x 13mm, leaving more space for other functions. Moreover, its DRAM capacity ranges from 6GB to 12GB, and its storage capacity ranges from 128GB to 512GB, which can be easily customized to meet the different needs of mid-to-high-end 5G smartphones.

At present, Samsung has successfully completed the compatibility test of LPDDR5 uMCP with several global smartphone manufacturers, and it is expected that from this month, smartphones equipped with the new LPDDR5 uMCP will soon enter the Chinese market.