Samsung's mid-to-high-end mobile phone chips exposed, 5nm process

On October 9th, Weibo blogger @数码闲聊站 broke the news that the previously hinted Samsung Exynos 1080 chip is coming, using 5nm process technology, A78+G78 architecture, and positioning it as a mid-to-high-end market. At the same time, it said that the first model is our old friend, most likely it will be vivo.

In terms of model naming, Samsung Exynos 1080 should be the successor to Exynos 980 and will support SA/NSA dual-mode 5G networks. At the same time, it is said that Exynos 1080 is actually a castrated version of Exynos 2100, and the internal A78 is the low-frequency core. However, its Antutu running score has reached 65W+, and its performance has surpassed the current Snapdragon 865, which is still very powerful.

As for the flagship Exynos 2100, its running scores have recently appeared on the Geekbench 5 test platform. It is said that 1+3+4 large, medium and small core design will be adopted. The main frequency of the small core reaches 2.2GHz, and the large core is expected to reach about 3GHz. , And integrated Mali G78 GPU. Single-core running is divided into 1040, multi-core is 3107, single-core performance is very close to Apple A12, performance should not be too far from the Snapdragon 875.

In the next one or two months, vivo may launch a new machine equipped with Samsung Exynos 1080 processor, and you can see its actual performance. Exynos 2100 will debut on next year’s Samsung S21 series, as well as Snapdragon Dragon 875 version, let us pay attention and look forward to it together.