Samsung's new folding machine has passed WiFi certification, and the price is lower

Recently, a new model SM-F415 passed the WiFi Alliance certification. Judging from the “F” in the model, it is basically certain that this is a folding device, because the model of the first-generation Galaxy Fold was F900, and the model of Z Flip was F700.

WiFi certification information shows that this new folding machine does not provide a WiFi 6 network, most likely because its chip does not support it, which means that this phone will use a non-flagship chip. Moreover, the models starting with “4” seem to prove this, because the higher the first number, the higher the price.

As the first model of Samsung’s folding family to use non-flagship chips, the price of SM-F415 may also be cheaper. It is expected to be around US$900 (RMB 6000), which has entered the price range of ordinary candy bar phones.

With the advancement of technology, future folding machines will definitely become cheaper and more practical. If the foldable phone really comes to the price of 6000 yuan (USD $857) , would you consider it?