Samsung’s new mid-range tablet will be launched soon, and many information will be exposed through FCC

On January 3, according to foreign media reports, a Samsung tablet computer named Galaxy Tab A4S recently passed the FCC certification in the United States. It is reported that Samsung Galaxy Tab A4S is a mid-range tablet computer, with the model of sm-t307u. It has passed the Bluetooth SIG certification and appeared in the Wi Fi alliance database.

According to the exposure certification information, Samsung Galaxy Tab A4S will be equipped with an 8.39-inch display screen, with a body size of 201.9 * 124.4mm, a 4860mah large battery, which can support 15W fast charging. In addition, the new tablet will also be equipped with GPS sensors, support 4G LTE and dual band Wi Fi, and run Android 9 pie system.

Samsung still attaches great importance to the tablet products, and the Galaxy Tab S6, which was previously released with the Xiaolong 855 chip, has been highly praised in the tablet market. In addition, the world’s first 5g tablet, the 5g version of Galaxy Tab S6, is expected to be available soon.

As for the Galaxy Tab A4S, Samsung officials have not provided any notice at present, but it is speculated that it will be released at CES 2020, which means that maybe next week we will see the true face of the mid-range tablet in Lushan.