Samsung's new patent exposure: tri-fold screen and sliding keyboard, and "scroll screen"

Samsung is not only the first batch of manufacturers to launch foldable smartphones, it has also implemented different solutions, such as horizontal inward folding and vertical folding. According to the recently exposed patents and the official blog of Samsung Display, more new folding methods may have been arranged.

One of them is the tri-fold + pop-up keyboard solution, which I think is very similar to the combination of the existing foldable screen and the previous sliding smartphone.

It can be seen from these two renderings that the actual effect of the program is actually closer to the combination of a tablet and a laptop. However, it can indeed reduce the width of the body during daily carrying and make text input more convenient, but the thickness of the machine should also be very “appreciable.”

The product effect and description of this folding method have appeared in the official news list of Samsung Display, and some people have said that this may be the final form of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3.

The following “scroll screen” also appeared in Samsung Display’s official news recently, and its overall style is more like a scroll. Compared with the previous tri-folding screen, the solution looks more sci-fi and naturally more difficult.

In addition, it is also reported that Samsung will launch a foldable screen product with mid-to-high-end processors, and the pricing may be controlled within 10,000 yuan (USD $1429) . It should be regarded as a cost-effective style among foldable mobile phones, and it should be more suitable for users with insufficient budgets.