Samsung's US smartphone market share reaches 33.7%, surpassing Apple to regain the championship

According to Yonhap News Agency, according to a data released by the US market research and consulting company "Strategic Analysis Company" (SA) on the 9th, Samsung Electronics' share of the US smartphone market in the third quarter of this year was 33.7%, an increase of more than 6 percentage points from the previous quarter. , Overtake Apple to regain the championship.

This is the first time that Samsung Electronics has surpassed Apple in its share of the US smartphone market since the second quarter of 2017. Apple usually launches a new iPhone in September each year, and its market share in the US in the third and fourth quarters remained around 40%. But this year, Apple only launched the iPhone 12 after October, which had a greater impact on market share.

In addition, Samsung Electronics also beat Huawei (14.1%) with a 21.9% share in the global smartphone market to regain the global market share championship. Xiaomi (12.7%) and Apple (11.9%) are next.