Santa Clara bans mass gatherings, Apple WWDC may be cancelled as a result

According to gsmarena, Santa Clara County, California has announced a ban on crowd gathering, whether for private parties or public events. And every year Apple’s WWDC is held in Santa Clara. The government’s ban will take effect on March 11. It is conservatively estimated that it will continue for some time, so Apple is likely to cancel WWDC because of this.

As usual, Apple will hold a WWDC in June each year, and will release a new generation of Mac OS operating system and a new generation of iOS and Watch OS at the conference. There may be hardware releases. The rumored iPhone 9 (SE2) and the new iPad Pro may be announced at the spring conference, but judging from the current form, it is estimated that the spring conference is also a mess.

Despite this, there is a lot of news about Apple’s new products. Developers have identified a lot of product information in the code of iOS 14. For example, iPhone 9 (SE2) will support Touch ID, and the new iPad Pro will support three cameras. ToF lenses.

Of course, Apple can also choose to hold a press conference online like a domestic mobile phone manufacturer, and the product is released normally. After all, the epidemic is not immediately controllable in a short time, and delaying the launch of a new product will cause greater losses.