Save laptop update screen overclocking function to reduce screen delay

On August 10, Lenovo’s social account machine Xiaoran announced that Lenovo’s rescuer series notebooks can turn on the display overclocking function after updating the Lenovo computer manager to to reduce the screen response delay from 5ms to 3MS. This function needs to be opened by entering the interface after the equipment is updated. At present, this function is only available for y7000p 2020 and y9000k 2020.

Moreover, the account has explained the function principle to some extent, that is, by increasing the voltage value of the LCD, the turning time of the LCD will be reduced and the display delay will be reduced. However, the disadvantage is that it will increase part of the power consumption.

The reduction of screen response time can further reduce the screen delay and improve the game experience. Sometimes the gap of 2ms is the key to success or failure in the game. Users in need can upgrade Lenovo computer manager to open a new experience.