Screenshots of iPhone12 test machine exposed, support 120Hz and lidar

Recently, as the date when the iPhone 12 may be released is approaching, the Internet is paying more and more attention to this product. Recently, news has been exposed that the iPhone 12 Pro is likely to be equipped with a 120Hz display. The actual iPhone 12 Pro Max test machine and screenshots of the setting interface exposed by foreign media on August 26 further confirmed this view and revealed that the device will also support laser scanners.

The screen shot of this exposure comes from the well-known whistleblower Jon Prosser. It is a 6.7-inch iPhone test machine. In the screen shot interface, there is an on switch of the “Lidar” function, which can be used for video and night mode auxiliary autofocus and subject monitor. Another option is “Start high refresh rate” and “Start adaptive refresh rate”, and the setting instructions also mention that the refresh rate will switch from 120Hz to 60Hz. It can be seen that this iPhone test machine supports 120Hz display.

At the earliest, it was reported that the two models of the iPhone 12 series did not support 120Hz, while the two models of the iPhone 12 Pro would be equipped with a 120Hz display. At the same time, the analyst Ross Young also mentioned that Apple’s The 120Hz display driver IC of the iPhone 12 Pro is facing supply chain issues. Apple may choose to ship with a 60Hz display or postpone the release of the iPhone 12 Pro series.

The whistleblower Jon Prosser also mentioned that part of the 6.7-inch iPhone test machine is equipped with a 120Hz display screen, and some are not. It can be seen that Apple has also made two different plans inside, and a 60Hz/120Hz screen version may be launched in the future. However, the above are only the personal remarks of the whistleblower, and there is no reliable source for corroboration for the time being. You must remain skeptical about the authenticity of the news, and interested friends can continue to follow up on the progress of the news.