See you online OnePlus 8 series new product launch on April 16th

On the morning of March 31, OnePlus officially announced that it will hold an outstanding online theme conference with outstanding themes visible to the naked eye at 19:00 on April 16. At that time, the new OnePlus 8 series will meet with a large number of users. Users can access the OnePlus official website, Station B, Youku, and other platforms watch the new product launch. OnePlus CEO Liu Zuohu has great confidence in the new product, saying that it will be the "best emperor of screen experience".

Figure: OnePlus 8 series will be released on April 16

Although OnePlus has not previously announced information about the new OnePlus 8 series, the discussions on this product have been rising on Weibo. The expecting users even spontaneously formed a "OnePlus 8 Oxygen Production Team", which urged the progress of new products on Liu Zuohu's Weibo daily, and Liu Zuohu himself also revealed a lot of information about new products in Weibo interaction: OnePlus 8 series of new products The system supports 5G and brings users a 5G speed experience. At the same time, the OnePlus 8 series will also launch a new color scheme that is very popular with women.

Picture: Liu Zuohu Weibo

OnePlus has always insisted on creating flagship products. Last year, OnePlus 7 Pro's 90Hz fluid screen made OnePlus receive more widespread attention and praise. At the beginning of 2020, OnePlus officially announced that it has completed the deep adaptation of the 120Hz screen. Not only is the hardware quality one step further than that of the 90Hz fluid screen, it has also been greatly optimized and improved in various practical experiences, improving the brisk and smooth screen experience to A whole new level. The theme of this new product launch conference is "excellent visible to the naked eye", and it is also intended that the OnePlus 8 series will bring better visual experience to users.

Earlier, Liu Zuohu stated on Weibo that the "OnePlus 8 series seems to be the finale of the first half of the mobile phone industry". I believe that the OnePlus 8 series will bring more surprises. Stay tuned for the April 16 OnePlus New Product Launch .