Seeing girl Liu Haocun starred! ZTE's new film is coming soon: directed by Zhang Yimou's team

According to news on February 1, ZTE’s official Weibo trailer announced that ZTE’s new film “Go Forward and Always Be” will be released on February 3. The new film invites Liu Haocun to star and is directed by Zhang Yimou’s team.

Prior to this, Liu Haocun starred in Zhang Yimou’s movie “One Second”. With his stunning performance in “One Second” and “Send You A Little Red Flower”, Liu Haocun won the first Golden Elm Flower Award by the Australian Laiwu Film Critics Association in 2021. The Best Emerging Filmmaker Award at the 2020 Chinese Film Awards.

The cooperation between ZTE and the director Zhang Yimou’s team to build chips means that ZTE’s marketing will change its previous low-key style.


This year ZTE will also focus on the high-end flagship market, such as Red Magic 6, ZTE Axon 30 series, Nubia Z series, etc. will meet with you this year, and all three flagships will be equipped with Snapdragon 888 flagship processors.

Among them, the Red Magic 6 is a new generation of Snapdragon 888 gaming mobile phones from the ZTE family. For this reason, the Red Magic and Tencent have reached a strategic cooperation, which means that Tencent Games and Nubia have jointly optimized the Red Magic 6 and it is worth looking forward to.