Selfie Meixin color trend, lighter body, vivo S7 first sale, easy to win double champion

On August 3, vivo S7 was officially released as & quot; 7 & quo;. In addition to the national younger brother Liu Haoran who continues to serve as the spokesperson, Lisa, who is affectionately called Barbie in the world by the majority of young men and girls, is also the new spokesperson of vivo S7.

The official price of vivo S7 8GB + 128GB is 2798 yuan (USD $400) , and the price of 8GB + 256gb is 3098 yuan (USD $443) . It was officially put on sale on August 8. As of 20:00 of the same day, Xinji has won the double champion in sales and sales of 5g mobile phones in the 2500-3500 price range of Jingdong, tmall and Suning.

At the same time, we have been paying attention to offline vivo, and offline stores have also received good news. Employees of vivo stores have opened a new stage for offline sales of vivo S7 through new sales methods such as online live broadcast, store activities on the first sale day, wechat operation, and H5 online order mailing.

It is worth mentioning that some stores of vivo even have a rush to buy in line, which proves the popularity of vivo S7. The main buyers are excited young men and girls. They may be Liu Haoran or Lisa powder, but most importantly, they are attracted by the powerful performance of vivo S7.

First of all, the vivo S7 is equipped with a 6.44 inch OLED screen with a frame of only 1.72mm. The visual experience is comparable to that without a frame. The scale of 20:9 and the screen resolution of 2400 & times; 1080 bring not only delicate display effect, but also more immersive video, audio and game enjoyment on the large screen.

Considering the myopia problem that young people and parents are most concerned about, vivo S7 adopts DC like dimming technology, which can effectively reduce the user’s eye fatigue caused by low-frequency PWM dimming, and solve the screen color misalignment display, so as to ensure the game experience and effectively protect the eyes.

Vivo S7 is not only a slim, lightweight 5g mobile phone, but also a first-class beauty! The fuselage adopts Ag technology, and has three colors of Monet, jazz black and moonlight white.

Among them, Monet man color is the main type. It is said that the design team spent nearly half a year, combined with the process of manufacturing, showing the visual effect of “one perspective, one color”. The color matching can be described as one from thousands of miles.

It is worth mentioning that the vivo S7 rear camera module inherits the classic “two-color cloud scale” design of the vivo flagship X50 series. In order to highlight personalization, vivo also optimizes the appearance ID of S series to further improve the overall appearance.

The vivo S7, which is obviously able to compete with beauties, must rely on the strength of C position. Vivo S7 has built-in high pass snapdragon 765G processor, supports SA & amp; NSA dual-mode 5g network, adopts 4×4 MIMO multiple antenna technology, and has excellent signal receiving ability.

Whether indoor or outdoor or high-speed mobile, you can enjoy high-speed 5g network. Even if you play games outdoors, you can also enjoy the pleasure of large-scale games with zero delay.

Mobile game support liquid cooling cooling cooling, equipped with process guard technology and AI preloading technology. Built in introduction of game fast through train function, in the background of congestion, to provide direct access to the game.

Another killer of vivo S7 is to create 44 megapixel f / 2.0 aperture main camera + 8 million pixel f / 2.28 aperture 105 & deg; super wide angle sub camera, the front main camera uses GH1 sensor, and only 15cm focusing distance supports ultra close self shooting, achieving far and near clarity.

The 8-megapixel super wide angle sub camera has a view range of twice that of the ordinary 78 & deg; lens. It has the features of five super texture beauty and brand-new front and rear double exposure, which can easily break the limitation of time and space and enjoy the wonderful life freely.

Vivo S7 is equipped with a three camera lens module. The main camera is a 1 / 1.7 “GW1 sensor with 64 million pixels. The 8 megapixel ultra wide angle macro lens and artistic black and white lens meet the needs of more scenes.

In the slim and light fuselage, the vivo S7 is equipped with 4000mAh super large battery for the first time, and supports 33W fast charging. It can also quickly restore the power of the mobile phone while charging and playing. Moreover, the zero sense liquid cooling cooling 2.0 ensures that the mobile phone charging game can cool down quickly without jamming.


Although Liu Haoran and Lisa speak for it, vivo S7’s own aura is no less than these two powerful youth idols. With its 7.39mm ultra-thin fuselage, about 170g weight, and equipped with 44 million AF front-end wide-angle dual camera, it has been amazing this summer and autumn.

Vivo S7, which has been on sale through all channels, can be said to be the peak when it comes out, and successfully dominates the 5g mobile phone market in the 2500-3000 price range. This is also because it has won the public recognition by its strength. The new color trend of selfie beauty and thinner fuselage. What are you waiting for?