Sentence control curtains, Mijia smart curtain crowdfunding debut 699 yuan (USD $100)

Curtain opening and closing can be controlled at will, voice farewell hand-drawn, rich and intelligent linkage scene. This is the immense charm brought by the Mijia smart curtains. On June 10, Mijia Smart Curtains started crowdfunding in Xiaomi Mall, and you can enjoy the convenience and fun brought by smart curtains at 699 yuan (USD $100) . The original price of the 2nd generation Mijia Internet Tobacco Stove Set was 1598 yuan (USD $228) , the deposit of 100 yuan (USD $14) during the pre-sale period was 199 yuan (USD $28) , and the final price was 1499 yuan (USD $214) .

Linkage is a specialty of Mijia’s smart curtains. Its built-in Wi-Fi module can realize intelligent linkage without a gateway and easily open a sense of life ritual. Mijia Smart Curtains are linked with Xiaoai Audio. When the curtains are opened regularly in the morning, music will sound and wake up a vibrant day; use the combination of Mijia LED ceiling lights and Mijia Smart Curtains to set the curtains closed and turn off the lights when you When you want to fall asleep, a comfortable atmosphere is created for you instantly, helping you to fall asleep easily

No need to move, control curtains in one sentence

The Mijia Smart Curtain Motor is equipped with a device with Xiaoai’s voice control function. You don’t need to walk to the window. Just a sentence “Xiaoai, open the curtain” can let the curtain open automatically, making life easier. According to actual needs, you can accurately slide the proportion of each curtain opening and closing on the Mijia app to flexibly adjust the indoor light and dark. If you go out, you can also view the status of the curtains in your home in real time by opening the Mijia app. If you forget to close the curtains, you can easily control the opening and closing remotely on your mobile phone.

The mobile phone is the remote control, you can check the status and control it precisely

According to your work and rest habits, you can set the timing to open and close the curtains, and there are special sunrise mode functions, such as setting the curtains to open in the early morning and sunrise time, to wake up a beautiful day. Every day before going to bed, it can also be closed according to your settings to create a comfortable sleeping environment.

With the gateway, customize more linkage scenarios

With Xiaomi Smart Multimode Gateway, you can also achieve more smart linkage scenarios at home. For example, if you want to watch a movie at home, you can configure the Mijia smart light group, wireless switch, multi-mode gateway, and Mijia smart curtain linkage, you can click the wireless switch with one click, and the curtain will automatically open and the light will slowly dim. Cinema mode.

Connect the light sensor and the Mijia smart curtain through the Xiaomi smart multi-mode gateway. When the sunlight is too hot, it will automatically close the curtain to prevent damage to the home due to exposure.

More intimate, upgrade experience in details

The intimate design of Mijia smart curtains, which is good at details, makes the opening and closing of curtains become elegant and delicate.

Hand-in-hand: Mijia smart curtains can be sensitively sensitive to the extent and direction of the pull, and can be automatically opened and closed with a light pull, which is convenient and natural.
Slow start and slow stop: It adopts the design of DC mute motor, which runs smoothly and is quiet enough. When the curtain starts, it slowly accelerates, and when it reaches the limit, the speed gradually slows down, running smoothly, and the transmission is stable.

Normal opening and closing in case of power outage: Even if there is a power outage, Mijia smart curtains can be opened and closed by hand like ordinary curtains, smooth and unhindered.

Lightweight appearance, beautiful and versatile

Mijia Smart Curtain adopts an integrated minimalist design, the body is highly seamlessly integrated, and the texture is full; the appearance is light, the overall simplicity is simple and elegant, and it adapts to different home styles. The hook design at the end of the guide rail conceals the motor and the curtain without cluttering the overall decorative beauty. At the same time, the overlapping cross design of about 10 cm in the middle of the slide rail allows the curtains to be closed tightly, preventing light leakage and better protecting home privacy.

Free home installation for the first time, no need to wait for customization

Unlike other smart curtains, you need to purchase and install custom services separately. Mijia smart curtains use splicing rail design. You do not need to wait for the rail to customize. You can complete the installation once you come to the door and install it for free for the first time. One-way opening and closing, two-way opening and closing, single-track installation, double-track installation, top-mounted, side-mounted, Mijia smart curtains provide a variety of solutions to meet your different needs, please carefully check the product details page “installation instructions” before placing an order, In order to make the curtain intelligent transformation more smoothly.

Control as you like, say goodbye to hand pulling! On June 10, Mijia Smart Curtain officially launched crowdfunding in Xiaomi Mall. Crowdfunding price of 699 yuan (USD $100) , enjoy the infinite charm of smart curtains!

Mijia kitchen appliances add new products, 1499 yuan (USD $214) smoke stove set for explosive products

In June last year, Xiaomi launched Mijia’s first kitchen smart home appliance—Mijia Internet Tobacco Stove Set, which laid out a smart home ecosystem and further expanded the home appliance market. In June this year, Mijia Internet Tobacco Stove Set 2 will be ushered in generation. Compared with the first generation, the brand-new side suction hood and smart gas stove have a 33º tilt angle in appearance. The Mijia smart side smoking machine is designed to ensure that the person’s line of sight forms a parallel angle with the inclined plane of the hood when cooking. It’s not easy to meet, but also open up a comfortable horizon, and easily enjoy the fun of cooking.

Super suction, performance guarantee

The range hood is aimed at the frying-type range hood of the Chinese kitchen, and the suction power can reach 20m³/min. The inside of the hood is separated by triple oil fume, and the oil fume is filtered layer by layer, which is not easy to cause oil clogging, and the smoke hood is cleaner and the smoke is discharged more smoothly. The smoke machine can intelligently judge the change of wind pressure in the public flue, and intelligently match the wind and wind pressure. Even if it is the evening peak of cooking, the smoke can not be reversed. The new Mijia Smart Gas Stove is equipped with a large 4200W firepower, which is suitable for the fierce stir-fry of the Chinese kitchen. It also optimizes the ratio of oxygen combustion through three layers of gas supplementation. The gas and air are fully mixed, and the thermal efficiency is up to 63%, which saves time and gas when cooking , The fire is more uniform.

Intelligent control, safer and more convenient

The Mijia side smoking stove set can also be intelligently controlled by the Mijia APP and Xiaoai speaker. The machine can be powered on in one sentence, enabling the Mijia APP to remotely monitor the fire situation and protect the family fire and kitchen safety. The new price-performance side-smoke smoke stove set will be officially launched at 0:00 on June 10 at Xiaomi Mall, Youpin and Tmall. The original price was 1598 yuan (USD $228) , and the deposit of 100 yuan (USD $14) during the pre-sale period reached 199 yuan (USD $28) . The price is 1499 yuan (USD $214) .