Setting Google as the default search engine of edge will crash, but Microsoft has solved it

If you are using the Microsoft edge browser and have updated it to the latest version, the software may be stuck while typing in the address bar recently. This problem has affected many people’s normal use, and interestingly, it appears in the new version of edge browser based on the chromium kernel.

Simply put, if you use Google as the default search engine, and when you move the input focus to the address bar, press any key, and the address bar starts displaying search suggestions, the browser will crash.

Microsoft has confirmed the problem on official twitter and said the best way to solve it is to disable search suggestions. However, Microsoft completed the repair within hours after confirming the problem, and advised users to restore the relevant settings, as they are now available.

At the same time, Microsoft recently said it had completed most of the bug fixes for windows 10 2004 and would push updates this month. Microsoft said the patch solved the problems of Realtek Bluetooth driver connecting keyboard, mouse and headset, Intel igpu’s support for variable refresh rate, etc.