Several reasons to choose Huawei nova7 Pro for 818 replacement

With the arrival of the 818 promotion, smart phones with stable prices have also given preferential benefits. I believe many friends will choose to change themselves to a new phone at this time. So, among the many new mobile phones released recently, how do we choose a high-end and durable flagship phone?

Huawei nova7 Pro

In this issue, the editor recommends a mobile phone-Huawei nova7 Pro for people who “like selfies”, “pay attention to high-value appearance”, and “focus on mobile games/5G communication performance”. The machine has a front 32MP dual-camera, curved screen design, Kirin 985 5G SoC, 40W super fast charging and other powerful configurations, which are worth picking.

Reason 1: Rear 64 million zoom four cameras

I was accidentally lost when I went shopping the other day. My friend asked me to take a picture of an architectural sign to facilitate navigation to a specific location. Obvious billboards are hanging very high and far away. At this time, the mobile phone’s zoom shooting ability is particularly tested. In terms of zoom, Huawei nova7 Pro is equipped with a periscope telephoto lens, but the small body supports 10x hybrid zoom and up to 50x digital zoom.

(Upper: 1x; Middle: 10x; Lower: 50x)

The above is the zoom picture I actually shot. You can see: Huawei nova7 Pro has a very long shooting distance under 10x zoom, and the picture quality is fine and without loss, and the corner mark on the top of the building can be clearly seen in the distance. When I set the zoom to 50x, the actual image stabilization effect is good, and the final imaging effect is more outstanding than other phones with the same gear and the same focal length.

In addition to the maximum 50x zoom lens, the Huawei nova7 Pro rear module also includes a 64 million main camera, which supports a 64 million pixel straight-out high-pixel mode, with a very powerful resolution; an 8 million 120° ultra-wide-angle lens with super Open; an independent macro lens supports 100px super macro, which can capture the beauty of life details.

Reason 2: Kirin 985 5G SoC blessing, 5G performance is strong and outstanding

Huawei nova7 Pro

After talking about taking pictures, the most important use scene of mobile phones in life is of course communication. Whether making a call or surfing the Internet, this is a mobile phone communication function.

In terms of mobile phone communication, Huawei nova7 Pro can be said to have created a benchmark 5G communication experience. It uses 7nm Kirin 985 5G SoC chip, supports more 5G frequency band coverage, supports 5G dual card function, 5G signal is more stable, faster and smarter . The above is my measured data. Compared with the average speed of 1.58MB/S in 4G, the average speed of Huawei nova7 Pro under 5G network is as high as 34.78MB/S, which shows how fast its 5G network speed is.

Reason N+: powerful selfie + trendy design + extremely fast battery life

Space is limited, Huawei nova7 Pro still has many reasons to start. For example, it is not only strong at the rear, but also with 32 million front-facing dual-focus cameras. Whether you are taking photos or vlogs, you can record clearly. In terms of appearance design, the curved screen and color 7 of Huawei nova7 Pro are also trendy design pioneers. , Full of taste; in terms of battery life, Huawei nova7 Pro supports 40W super fast charging, which can charge to 75% in half an hour. Whether you like playing games, watching dramas, or traveling frequently, with such a fast charging speed, you are no longer afraid of charging It takes time.

Huawei nova7 Pro

Overall: In terms of photography, Huawei’s nova7 series is equipped with a rear 64MP AI zoom four-camera and a front 32MP dual-focus camera. Both the self-timer and the rear lens are superior. In terms of performance, the integrated Kirin 985 5G SoC is more powerful. The consumption is lower, and the game and 5G network communication are very strong. In addition, the full screen and 7-color appearance of Huawei’s nova7 series are online, and the battery life is also very strong. At present, the peak ceremony of Huawei’s summer promotion has begun. Huawei’s nova7 series will immediately enjoy up to 12 interest-free issues, as well as coupon discounts, and a limited time sale of gift gifts! For details, please visit Huawei Mall and Huawei’s official flagship stores on major e-commerce platforms.

In addition, it is reported that Huawei Jingdong’s self-operated official flagship store is about to welcome 40 million fans. To thank the pollen for their support, we have prepared a full 40 million Jingdou waiting for you to grab it~ Fans can also participate in a 0 yuan draw for a variety of Huawei 5G hot sales Multiple benefits such as single product activities and exclusive fan day prices. There are more surprises yet to be revealed. Please look forward to the grand opening of Huawei Fan Day on August 25, 2020.