Shi Yujian, senior vice president of vivo, released three strategic goals for the future

News from November 19th, today, the "2020 vivo Developer Conference" was held at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, with the theme of "Native Everything". Shi Yujian, senior vice president of vivo, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Native Everything, Committed to Connecting People and the Digital World".

He emphasized that vivo will return to its roots and adhere to the three strategic goals of creating products and services that appeal to consumers, creating a platform for reciprocal and mutually beneficial ecological cooperation, and building a bridge between people and the digital world.

Vivo believes that in the next 3 to 5 years, smartphones will continue to be an important carrier for intelligent and digital life scenarios. To this end, vivo will continue to innovate the software and hardware products of mobile phones to enhance the consumer experience. Shi Yujian said that vivo hopes to start from the origin of consumer needs, be consumer-oriented, and become a mobile phone brand that understands consumers best, and through simple and easy-to-use innovation and design, so that products can bring consumers more Joy experience.

According to reports, in the past year, the cumulative domestic monthly active users of app stores and game centers reached 360 million, and daily distribution reached 890 million; in the content field, monthly active users of video reached 120 million, and monthly active browsers reached 240 million; in the service field, Vivo has been deeply involved in commuting, travel, and shopping scenarios, with a monthly usage rate of 150 million and monthly usage of over 1 billion.

In terms of ecological construction, Shi Yujian revealed that vivo will, on the one hand, open up a complete product matrix, system technical capabilities and platform capabilities to partners through the creation of infrastructure services, and help them better serve consumers. On the other hand, vivo initiated a traffic support plan to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of partners by improving the traffic matrix and cooperation service system.

"The construction of the ecology is inseparable from the integration and co-creation of developers and partners. Vivo will continue to explore the openness and integration of the ecology, and work with developers and partners to provide high-quality services to users." Shi Yujian said, "This year's The developer conference demonstrated vivo's determination to accelerate the embrace of the future digital world of the Internet of Everything."