Sichuan Shangtong Luo Ting and others were selected as the leading talents of big data in Chengdu

Recently, the Chengdu New Economic Development Committee announced the 2020 list of Chengdu's leading talents in big data, and Luo Ting, chairman of Sichuan Shangtong Industrial Co., Ltd., and other big data experts and entrepreneurs were selected.

It is reported that the selected personnel are in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Implementation Measures for the Introduction and Cultivation of Big Data Talents in Chengdu (Chengban Han (2019) No.59) and other relevant regulations, and have undergone the procedures of district (city) and county preliminary review, expert review, and solicitation of opinions. It will be generated after it is submitted to the Municipal Talent Work Leading Group for approval and there is no objection to the publicity. All districts (cities) and counties will, based on their own conditions, provide precise services such as entrepreneurial support for leading talents, and provide corresponding policy support in housing, settlement, spouse employment, children's admission to school, medical care, entry and exit, and convenience for staying and staying. .

It is understood that Mr. Luo Ting founded Sichuan Shangtong Industrial Co., Ltd. in 2007 and is committed to building a company with "big data + blockchain + targeted payment" to provide fund management, data management, and data management for governments at all levels and related enterprises and institutions. The financial technology company for sticky management and content services has passed the certification of the "Enterprise Technology Center" of the Chengdu Economic and Information Bureau.

At present, many projects incubated by the data management operation platform based on "Targeted Payment+" by Sichuan Shangtong have been applied to the government, enterprises and institutions to provide comprehensive operation services including big data management. Among them, "Wuliangye Home" won the title of "National Internet + Trade Union Inclusive Service Most Influential Platform" in 2019, and "Cultural and Creative Chengdu" won the first prize of China's payment innovation case in 2020.

The selection of the leading talent of big data in Chengdu is affirmation of Mr. Luo Ting's first exploration in the application of "big data + block chain + targeted payment". Sichuan Shangtong has successfully established to provide government departments with data on the distribution of special subsidies for benefiting the people The rural financial benefit service system for government services such as verification, "", a digital management service platform for Chinese famous wine assets built using blockchain technology, and "", which provides campus intelligent software and hardware systems + smart campus data services for primary and secondary schools Lepei Education".

At the same time, under the leadership of Mr. Luo Ting, Sichuan Shangtong has applied for 46 national patents and has 24 software copyrights. Most of the technological achievements have been industrialized, and the "Hexin Chain" developed by it has also been awarded in 2019. The second batch of "blockchain filing" of the National Cyberspace Administration of my country has formed digital products covering many fields in Southwest China, and has made positive contributions to the continuous and rapid development of the big data industry in the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle.