Six major measures help the new competition pattern, OPPO high-end can be expected in the future

​​​​​​On February 1, OPPO held its 2020 VIP Customer Appreciation Meeting. Nearly 400 core customers participated in the event online. Liu Bo, Vice President of OPPO and President of China Region, delivered a heavy speech titled “Being Good and Going Long, 2021 Work Together to Innovate the Pattern”. While reviewing the wonderful achievements in 2020, he also provided support for policies and channels for customers in 2021. The policy was interpreted.

In 2020, the mobile phone industry is facing a very severe test, but OPPO still achieved satisfactory results. According to data from many authoritative market research institutions such as Canalys, Counterpoint, IDC, etc., in the fourth quarter of 2020, OPPO global shipments continued to grow, and its market share ranking rose one place to the fourth in the world. In 2021, OPPO will adhere to the user-centric philosophy, while driving the overall brand into high-end. The high-end brand is inseparable from the support of channels.

Liu Bo said that in 2021, OPPO will provide greater support to major customers from six aspects: supply policy, image construction, financial support, service support, event drainage, and marketing, and jointly create a new pattern. Under this framework, core users will have more differentiated resources to enhance their own market competitiveness. For example, in terms of supply, core users will get the rights and interests of online exclusive supply machines, customized machines, limited-edition machines, underwriting rights for tail products, and have priority drainage rights for online activities. At the same time, core customers will also receive more support in terms of materials and decoration costs and high-end product marketing resources required for image construction.

OPPO has always had a great advantage in channel construction. The release of the new channel policy will not only help improve the quality and efficiency of the channel sales system, but also help channel operators fully reach the high-end consumers of mobile phones, thereby further increasing the penetration rate of OPPO in the high-end market. According to previous news, OPPO’s new flagship Find X3 series will also meet with you in the near future. This is also a major killer for OPPO to gain a foothold in the high-end mobile phone market in 2021.

It is believed that OPPO’s high-end business will usher in a new round of growth in 2021 with the cooperation of multiple levels of strategy, channels, and products. The high-end brand and consumer service level will also rise as the new channel strategy is fully rolled out.