Skyworth TV leads the new trend of smart life

Entering 2020, the global trend of intelligence becomes more violent, and AIoT, which integrates artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, continues to refresh the height of smart life. As the creator of large-screen AIoT, Skyworth TV continues to be at the forefront of trends. At the “Enjoy the Fun” Skyworth TV summer new product launch conference held on July 22, Skyworth announced the new progress of its Swaiot PANEL mobile smart screen in Swaiot CONNECTOR’s variable contact equipment, empowering more screenless devices , The realization of visual operation, and the continuous widening of ecological boundaries allow us to see more possibilities for smart home life in the future.

Wang Zhiguo, Chairman and President of Shenzhen Skyworth-RGB Electronics Co., Ltd., said at the press conference: “Various contacts have made the soft ecology hard-wired, making the screen the center of the family’s smart life, directing life, and making life more convenient. , More technological sense.”

Swaiot CONNECTOR’s ever-changing contacts expand ecological boundaries, Skyworth TV creates a new interactive era of smart home

In the context of the development of smart homes, the traditional way of using remote controls to interact with TVs has become increasingly unsuitable for the needs of intelligent life. In recent years, major manufacturers have been striving to find a new interactive mode. Skyworth TV, which is at the forefront of innovation, started with touch and realized a new interactive mode of mobile smart interconnected small screens, and expanded its application objects from screen-less devices to non-screen devices, and began to build a full-house screen-based intelligent interactive ecosystem .

As early as the spring conference in April of this year, Skyworth TV brought a subversive cross-screen interactive innovation achievement Swaiot PANEL mobile smart screen. This is a new interaction mode that is different from the remote control and voice control. It can achieve cross-screen interaction with the large TV screen in content and UI control. The user can touch the Swaiot PANEL to realize the TV program. Rich operations such as selection, switching, and searching. Not only that, the dual attributes of “portability” and “public screen” of Skyworth Swaiot PANEL also enable it to innovatively meet the needs of mobile scenarios. Whether users are resting in the bedroom or cooking in the kitchen, they only need to carry the mobile smart screen with them. Simultaneously watching the contents of the large screen of the TV completely solves the pain point of TV that is difficult to move, and greatly expands the application scenarios of future TV.

While innovating the interactive experience of TV, Skyworth TV will also focus on screenless devices. Skyworth TV uses smart magnetic contacts to design Swaiot CONNECTOR variable contacts, realizing the idea of using Swaiot PANEL as the entrance to the screen of non-screen devices. Users only need to place Swaiot PANEL on a specific device through the Swaiot CONNECTOR changeable contact point, and then they can connect the device to the Skyworth Swaiot ecosystem and enjoy scene-based content resources.

At this summer new product launch conference, Skyworth TV announced that Swaiot CONNECTOR has accelerated the adaptation of its versatile contacts. Up to now, it has included desk lamps, treadmills, smart electric pianos, speakers, smart electric heating tables, and Tianmei Auto. Category. These six types of products cover common scenarios such as bedroom, sports, entertainment, travel, etc. Skyworth TV stated that it has initially built an in-depth multi-scenario Swaiot CONNECTOR application with variable touch points, and supports Swaiot PANEL mobile smart screens to break device boundaries and achieve smooth interaction. In the future, Skyworth TV will look forward to cooperating with more manufacturers, continue to open up the hardware modules and device-specific UI page frameworks for partners, empower more home devices through cooperation, and accelerate the implementation of the adaptation of the ever-changing touch devices. , Let this brand new and fun smart home interactive experience shine into reality from more dimensions.

Swaiot PANEL shares massive content resources with TV and grabs the right to speak in the AIoT portal

Skyworth Swaiot PANEL mobile smart screen changes not only the interactive experience, but also the abundance of equipment in the content field. The fundamental value of the screen is reflected in the content. How to make Swaiot PANEL mobile smart screens truly bring rich and high-value content to users? The Swaiot OS Xiaowei Zhilian operating system independently developed by Skyworth TV solves this problem.

The Swaiot PANEL mobile smart screen is equipped with Swaiot OS, which reuses various resources and capabilities of the application layer with the Coocaa system, and realizes the connection with the Coocaa content, and can share a large number of original film and music resources with the TV. Not only that, The Swaiot PANEL mobile smart screen built-in Coocaa “big content” can also provide users with optimized and personalized education, games, travel, shopping and other differentiated and comprehensive content. With the support of Swaiot CONNECTOR’s versatile contacts, screenless devices can also bring users additional resources that they have never had before. When users use a treadmill, they can select their favorite music on the Swaiot PANEL mobile smart screen; when When the user is cooking, the Swaiot PANEL mobile smart screen can recommend recipes suitable for the user’s personal taste based on big data. Swaiot PANEL mobile smart screen introduces high-quality cloud content into life. Mass content resources can greatly increase the application value of ever-changing contacts and mobile smart screens, increase user stickiness, and further form the differentiated competitiveness of Skyworth TV in the field of AIoT smart interconnection.

For a long time, the TV that occupies the core attention of the living room has always been the focus of the competition for the smart home entrance. Skyworth Swaiot PANEL mobile smart screen has innovatively upgraded the focus of the TV, turning it into a smart screen that can be moved, and the smart home The AIoT entrance is extended to the whole house scene. At the same time, the content library based on big data recommendation endows the entrance with customized features, which obviously can better meet people’s pursuit of convenience and personalized life needs. The accelerated landing of Skyworth Swaiot CONNECTOR adaptable equipment with variable contact points will once again accumulate potential energy for its future development, help Skyworth TV to seize the right to speak in the entrance of smart homes, and stabilize the future opportunity of AIoT.

Skyworth TV’s many innovative explorations in the field of screen interaction mode and smart Internet of Things continue to increase its AI ecological globalization layout. Currently, Skyworth TV has realized cloud-cloud interconnection with Midea, JD, Huawei, and overseas Google Home and Amazon ECO in the AIoT field. With the parallel development of 5G and AIoT, Skyworth TV is deeply breaking the islanding pain points of smart homes through cross-screen interaction and cloud-to-cloud interconnection, subversively upgrading the smart home experience, and leading users into a new era of more convenient and smoother smart life. .